A serendipitous day

Aug 17, 2019,17:32 PM

Two weeks ago, my pal Ray gave me a couple watches to look at. The Gubelin you’ve already seen — it’s running happily and all shiny gold now. 

His poor TAG Heuer (estimated 1980’s) didn’t even warrant a glance until today. Look at it!

Crown sticking out, crystal heavily scarred, Jubilee style bracelet full of muck, not running, etc. He said “no parts ... guess I have to scrap it”.

Luckily, after an hour in the ultrasound machine, clean on the bench, I could see his crown gasket was bad but the big issue was a new stem that was too long. I pulled it, changed the gasket which I miraculously had on hand, clipped off 2mm, Loctited the crown back on, changed the battery and the back gasket and put it together.

It’s ready for combat duty in my backyard jungle. 

Some stretch is visible in the bracelet  ...

How far should we go in restoring it? Opinions?


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