Speedmaster or Speedtimer?

Jan 16, 2023,14:04 PM

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Don't Shoot the Messenger

 By: cazalea : January 16th, 2023-13:06
Seiko announces (you guessed it) a new limited edition Speedtimer Chronograph with matte black case and dial. Only 600 and available this Spring. I like it despite its size of 15mm thick and 43 wide. On the plus side for WPS fans, it has a very discrete d...  

Not at all. Thanks for the post Mike.

 By: MichaelC : January 16th, 2023-13:52
The 2 most laughable stances among WIS to me: 1. "That watch is not historically correct... brand xyz should not have made it!!" 2. "That brand releases way too many LE watches!" Looks like Seiko made a nice piece here. Good for them, and for all of the f... 

Speedmaster or Speedtimer?

 By: myles721 : January 16th, 2023-14:04

Thank you for sharing !

 By: borisundercover : January 16th, 2023-14:10
I think the term « limited edition » itself is too blame, cause from the watch lover side it just means more choice, more models to love ! I like this one but more specifically its regular iteration (SRQ037J1 with the greyish dial), although sadly too big... 

I like it : )

 By: 111forza : January 16th, 2023-16:24

Coincidentally, I picked up this reference's brother just a couple of days ago.

 By: pkonos : January 17th, 2023-12:08
Another, if I may, ... ahem (clearing throat) ... Seiko Limited Edition (ref. SBEC007). (Leaving aside the questionable practice of referring to 1000 pieces as "limited" for another day) I must say that I rather like the austere aesthetic of this particul...  

Probably a bit big for me, but I like the look - very stealth

 By: jml_watches : January 18th, 2023-10:03
As for don't shoot the messenger - keep em coming, not surprised by limited editions; they're the norm! You could probably develop drinking game from this! Cheers JML