Seiko zSpace Visualization Software, Part 2

Mar 14, 2019,14:09 PM

This material is from a press release:

Kadinche Company Ltd. (Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Soko Aoki) helped develop a virtual reality (VR) simulator for watches using a 3D interactive display with the Seiko Museum in Sumida Ward, Tokyo.

Seiko is a wristwatch manufacturing company which sells highest grade wristwatches. Among them, Grand Seiko is the most exclusive lineup, and the internal structure movement is highly accurate and complicated. 

People use illustrations and moving images to explain the structure and behavior of these movement, but they are difficult to describe in detail because the three-dimensional structure moves with time. We developed a 3D clock simulator as a system for experiencing complicated movements three-dimensionally and interactively, so people can understand more easily.

The 3D clock simulator uses zSpace 200; a 3D interactive display developed and sold by zSpace, USA. Trained users operate a three-dimensional model of a clock using a pen type device called a stylus. You can stereoscopically see how the mechanical, quartz and spring drive movements developed by Seiko operate. By using the stylus, you can virtually disassemble and integrate the movement.

Here are the three main types of movements that Grand Seiko offers. For each, there is a video which traces the major systems for a person interesting in learning how that watch works.




I thank Seiko for investing in these educational presentations.


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