Looking for its bro.

Sep 14, 2021,00:38 AM

Sharing a GS passed on to me from a dear friend. Wonder any one in the community also owns one. Have a great day.

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Never seen such a thing

 By: mhz vph : September 14th, 2021-03:25
I assume this must be an older LE? Very interesting!

 By: modest collector : September 14th, 2021-04:09
Yes, it is SBGA121. Limited to 30 pieces.


 By: BigFatPauli : September 14th, 2021-10:29
It's basically a Snowflake with a different dial. I believe this version was Japan only.

It is. Ginza edition.

 By: modest collector : September 14th, 2021-12:11

Sorry. Shd be Wako edition.

 By: modest collector : September 14th, 2021-12:14

I hope you find its sibling! Looks stunning!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : September 14th, 2021-10:10

Thanks for sharing my joy.

 By: modest collector : September 14th, 2021-12:11


 By: Watchlover78 : September 14th, 2021-15:58