I went off my rocker and bought another one

Oct 09, 2020,16:39 PM

I can’t begin to explain how amazing this watch wears, feels and looks! The bezel-less boxed shaped sapphire is awesome!

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my plan is to rebuild my collection around this and the snowflake

 By: ripper444 : October 9th, 2020-19:35
perhaps one Quartz to add in the future

Outstanding watch

 By: pmh6000 : October 9th, 2020-17:10

Looks amazing! Enjoy it . [nt]

 By: Watchlover78 : October 9th, 2020-17:34

You’re so right! GS with bracelet wear so well!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : October 9th, 2020-18:01

that looks great as well

 By: ripper444 : October 9th, 2020-19:34
I checked it out. It’s the same case as the snowflake so I went with the 62GS case style. I think their case work is top notch!

I agree, their case works is outstanding [nt]

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : October 10th, 2020-04:40

Blue sky thinking from Seiko design team 🤔...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : October 10th, 2020-01:23
I think they came up with something interesting and different. Congratulations 🥳

Superb watch! [nt]

 By: jlux : October 10th, 2020-03:06

does anyone know if the hands are gold plated or 18ct gold? [nt]

 By: ripper444 : October 10th, 2020-06:54
The applied logo and second hand on mine but the green summer version has all gold.

Most of the hands I saw being made (a few years ago) were solid metal, not plated

 By: cazalea : October 11th, 2020-18:36
Can't say for sure about yours. Nice looking watch! Cazalea ...  

wow what an awesome post

 By: ripper444 : October 12th, 2020-11:36
that was seriously cool to see! I take it you took a tour of one of their studios? incredible!

As moderator, while on a visit to Japan I was invited to GS

 By: cazalea : October 12th, 2020-12:09
I went to the Ginza store, Seiko museum, Shizukuishi and Shinshu studios. Start here for the tour

will take a look thanks!

 By: ripper444 : October 12th, 2020-13:36
When I went to Japan in 2015 I was still on my Rolex love affair! Had I known more about GS I would have tried to at least visit the studio!