I'm hooked!

Jul 11, 2019,21:38 PM

Fall for that dial alone.

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That is a beautiful watch.

 By: ChristianDK : July 11th, 2019-21:54
Do you know what tihe technique is on the dial?

Dial production technique

 By: cazalea : July 12th, 2019-13:50
You can read about it here - basically it involves brushing the dial with a brass wire wheel, under a running lubricant stream. GRAND SEIKO FACTORY TOUR Cazalea

Fantastic installment. I’m glad you posted the link?

 By: ChristianDK : July 13th, 2019-14:33
I took the whole tour. It must have been quite an experience to go there. I need to find a GS store to play with the pieces. Also, I would love to see the Credor Eichi. I still find it mind boggling when I see pictures. Thank you, Mike!

Would love to see one in the real...

 By: keks : July 11th, 2019-22:18
Very appealing piece! Congrats!

I do like it, the best of the last few years for GS in my opinion. The Rose Gold with the amber (red to me) Urushi dial is fantastic too.

 By: Jay (Eire) : July 12th, 2019-04:09
For the steel, I hesitated on this one as I expect numerous additional releases with other dials and I was waiting on one that really sang to me. If I could have justified the spend I would have jumped on the Rose Gold with that red dial though.

Nice one

 By: mikethw : July 13th, 2019-21:07
The watch dial is always my first point of consideration when buying a watch. But now i am buying the dial that I like and make a watch that i will love.... Kanagawa Great Wave dial on a SKX009 ...