Very touching to hear.

Jun 11, 2019,09:45 AM

I hope you can feel an enjoyment with it greater than the memory of the loss.


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A Special Daytona...

 By: mywrongwrist : June 11th, 2019-08:41
.... This is a special Daytona... do not search for errors on the dial, or special bezel or anything could pass through your mind. It’s a Ceramic Daytona like the others, but for me it’s a special one. My father some years ago ordered 2 Daytonas: a white ...  

What a touching story

 By: colton_d : June 11th, 2019-08:56
To have on your wrist such an important token and connection to your father. Glad to hear it will stay firmly in your collection and on your wrist forever. There is nothing that can replace the memories of family, and nice knowing you will be reminded of ... 

Dear Colton, what a wonderful present for your son at the right moment...

 By: mywrongwrist : June 11th, 2019-09:31
.... imho you should wear it with care, but some scratches and dings make a watch a living object. Your son will see you wearing it and I believe it will be even more happy to receive the watch of his beloved father as a gift, the watch he saw on your wri... 

Very touching to hear.

 By: Velociphile - No longer in the building : June 11th, 2019-09:45
I hope you can feel an enjoyment with it greater than the memory of the loss. V

Thanks, I feel it and not because of the Daytona Ceramic, it could be a swatch...

 By: mywrongwrist : June 11th, 2019-09:59
... I have in my bank safe a small Tudor Sub and an Omega from the ‘70, which are the watches he wore the most, when I go to the bank I stay always some minutes to pay attention to these two watches, which have no commercial value at all if not an unbelie... 

Thanks for sharing the story, Luca.

 By: MichaelC : June 11th, 2019-09:58
A very meaningful watch indeed.

Luca you made my heart melt

 By: Mohannad (aka Riddler) : June 11th, 2019-10:14
I think you should never sell both as it was your father who ordered them That is a powerful sentiment that is priceless Enjoy your Daytona and I’m sure your dad is with you always

A moving story Luca.

 By: NoH : June 11th, 2019-11:21
I’m sure your papa is absolutely delighted looking down to see you wearing his watch! Wear in good health, and keep the great memories fresh! All the very best, Niall

First, I am sorry for your loss....

 By: Izhik : June 11th, 2019-11:26
I am sure your father is very aware of that....and the way the watch now reached you...perhaps there is a certain meaning in everything, just cherish it, enjoy it and be proud of's your father's watch...all the very best to you, y

You’re right in everything there is a meaning, but we’re poor little human being who most of the time struggle to understand ...

 By: mywrongwrist : June 11th, 2019-12:31
... what is happening around us and in life in general, which is much bigger than we could even imagine I wish you all the best Ciao Luca

Great story and coments

 By: @lberti : June 11th, 2019-13:59
Thanks luca. This is what its all about nowadays. Wear it in good health and good memory. Buona note

With respect, may I join in with you?

 By: cazalea : June 11th, 2019-18:32
Luca, The loss is so fresh I couldn't bring myself to introduce the subject directly but I went and strapped this on after reading your post. My father-in-law who I knew for 46 years passed away just a couple days ago, at the age of 95. He gave me his wat...  

Dear Cazalea, I ‘m really sorry, I don’t find the right words to ...

 By: mywrongwrist : June 11th, 2019-23:30
... make you feel how close I’m to you now in this sad moment I’m not a millennial, I spent with my father 48 years of life together, in such a long time you develop a legacy, you life an entire life together After his loss I read a lot of books and found... 

Thank you

 By: cazalea : June 12th, 2019-06:50

¡Muchísimas gracias! Phil & Joan loved Mexico

 By: cazalea : June 12th, 2019-21:34
They had a place along the Baja coast for 20 years. My mother-in-law Joan, who died 9 years ago, was grand-daughter of a mining engineer who spent his life exploring for silver - Pancho Villa worked for him once, and he wrote a book called “Mules, Mines &...  

What a wonderful story!

 By: renerod : June 13th, 2019-11:09
I will look for a copy of his book. Saludos! René


 By: Jurry : June 12th, 2019-12:37
Dear Luca I’m touched by your post and sharing such private affairs. It comes to show the strength of this forum: it allows all of us to share such things in good fairy and trust. It also shows that no watch is simply a watch, but often a tangible item re... 

Cheers to your dad Luca!

 By: renerod : June 12th, 2019-18:53
My father passed away two years ago. I was fortunate to inherit almost all of his watches. Every time I wear one of his watches, I like to think that this little object was in touch with his wrist even before I was born. Then I feel I’m in touch with him ... 

The same for me, which to some extent it’s incredible if you think of it...

 By: mywrongwrist : June 13th, 2019-14:16
.... someone before wrote that watches are not only watches but they could become amazing memories of your life, really true in these cases RIP to your father, I share with you the same feelings All my best Ciao Luca

Thanks and I wish you the same Luca

 By: renerod : June 13th, 2019-14:55
You know why I like this place? (Please, note that I didn’t say forum) Because you find a place with real people with whom you can share real personal experiences. I will think both our Fathers are taking care from heaven of us and our children, and smile... 

We say hermano

 By: renerod : June 14th, 2019-16:47
Have a nice weekend with your beautiful family hermano Luca. René