Today the worldtimer .-)

Nov 24, 2020,02:20 AM

RM 63-02

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Richard Mille worldtimer - great.

 By: monaco68 : November 24th, 2020-03:11
Nice to see a Richard Mille here in the forum again. The Worldtimer is a very nice RM. Thanks for the picture, Soomi Best Bernd

Very cool and looks great. Don't see many RM here.

 By: Hulk : November 24th, 2020-03:26
The prices have gone crazy over the last few years. I see one of my favourite the white RM 55 was around 90k a few years ago, now going for 220! Even the RM10 has more than doubled. Are these the grey market rates due to demand or are those the AD prices ... 

Nice watch Soomi.

 By: Mario : November 24th, 2020-04:13
Thanks, for sharing it is my first time seeing this model.

Oh dear! Nice wrist shot sir!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : November 24th, 2020-04:16

That watch is terrific

 By: donizetti : November 24th, 2020-05:03
and I say that as a person who usually struggles with RM. Great shot too! Best Andreas

Very cool. Don't see this one very often.

 By: systematic.entropy : November 24th, 2020-05:59

A very fine watch.

 By: nasseriq : November 24th, 2020-12:01

Never seen this in the flesh, looks amazing on the wrist

 By: grahamhar : November 24th, 2020-15:05
This is possibly the nearest in appearance to a normal watch from RM. Could you post more shots of it please? Also how does this wear compared to the tonneau shaped cases?