The Bridge Sponsored By Richard Mille

Sep 20, 2019,05:36 AM

I always look forward to month of September for The Bridge even at the Bridgehampton.  Working with Richard Mille team, they're always generous enough to send us an invitation.  

The Bridge is a car event that showcases new luxury vehicles and vintage sports cars.  Mr. Mille being a motor sports addict, Richard Mille is the main sponsor of the event. 

Cars are great but event also has an area for Richard Mille where they showcase their latest watches.  Last year they displayed RM25 and RM12.  This year was the RM11-03 McLaren  and RM11-03 Red Quartz TPT.  I have posted on this forum before declaring my love for RM dive watches (RM28 and RM60 ect..), however these two models was a game changer.  I've tried on few RM11 models including the RM11 FM.  I thought the watch sat big on my wrist.  However, the RM1103 models looked pretty good on my wrist.  

Right after OBJ wearing the watch in games, this was an obvious choice.  Now I understand the hype.  This watch cannot go unnoticed.  Perfect accent watch for any attire. 

I have a "round" 7.25 inch wrist and the watch sat perfect.  The lugs fall within width of my wrist. 

The details in this watch is just amazing.  Everything is floating in the watch.  

Here is a body shot for scale purposes.  

This watch just pops!  The red is like no other.  

I love the strap.  It reminds me of engine cover from Maserati MC12. 

Here's the RM11 FM I tried on few times.  On wrist of the owner. 

And final shot of Bugatti EB110.  My dream car.  First time seeing it live.  Much smaller than I imagined. 

Thank you for reading. 


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EB110 is a very interesting car ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : September 20th, 2019-06:07
As you probably know, the “EB”represents the founder Ettore Bugatti’s initials, while 110 marks the birthday he would have been celebrating on 15 September 1991, the date on which the car was launched. Interestingly the 0-100 Imphal time is the same as th...