RM016 desirability and issues

Dec 01, 2019,13:13 PM

I have been looking at used RM016 and am wondering why exactly are these the most inexpensive RM’s on the used market and why they don’t hold their value? By all accounts it looks like any other very nice RM so why is this particular reference so inexpensive second hand? Are there any issues with it that aren’t apparent I should know about? Is the RM016 considered an entry level RM? Is it the calatrava of the RM lineup? Greatly appreciate the input of the RM experts in here on this reference.

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I guess squared watches aren’t that popular among collectors.

 By: Watchonthewrist : December 1st, 2019-13:25
But with RM its a bit different as there round watches (RM 32/33/28 etc) aren’t popular as well imho . Not a RM owner so maybe a RM collector has got a better explanation !

First, a word of caution

 By: NickO : December 1st, 2019-17:24
It always makes me shudder whenever anyone describes a watch - any watch - as “inexpensive” without categorically stating what they mean is “relatively inexpensive” compared to other pieces. Always remember that what someone deems as expensive or inexpens... 

I did a review sometime ago..

 By: janef : December 3rd, 2019-06:27
Click on the link if you like to read my humble opinion.. www.watchprosite.com

I own an RM016

 By: PPJames : December 27th, 2019-05:01
I purchased it for several reasons. Over the past 3-5 years I have noticed that the secondary prices of RM's have risen significantly (including the 016). I had several watches I was NOT wearing, so I sold them and put the funds into an RM016 which I now ...