Jul 26, 2020,12:42 PM

Thank you for all participation on my weekend quiz! 

Here is a random photo of the watch and wish all a great weekends! 

Stay safe.


Random photo of one of my all time favourite watch!

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I want to get a 16 [nt]

 By: brauner : July 26th, 2020-13:20

It was a new shape, slim and wearable

 By: piccolochimico (aka dsgalaxy1) : July 26th, 2020-13:47
Your tastes are refined, that croissant looks yummy tasty πŸ˜‰

Big guns!! [nt]

 By: Ted-Lo : July 26th, 2020-14:49

Oh wow, I didn't realize that was its size,

 By: Ted-Lo : July 28th, 2020-17:14
Big boys play with big toys, . ehehehe