May 14, 2020,07:06 AM

I was looking for the popular all white version but the boutique offered me the black (Asia Exclusive RM55) .. So I bought it thinking it will grow on me..

However, it never did. Been lying the the safe since 2016. I have not really worn it yet. Might give it to the Mrs soon. 

Anyone share similar experiences?


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Sad story, those don’t come cheap.

 By: Ted-Lo : May 14th, 2020-07:31
Hope you will find use for this piece.

Actually I bought it at a very reasonable price back in late 2015..

 By: janef : May 15th, 2020-04:39
I even got a good discount! It is unimaginable for today’s situation! I don’t know what these are worth but I bought my quite cheap around usd100k if I remember correctly. I bought rm33, RM10, RM16 and RM11 (for my brother) all together in one bill. All w... 

Give it wrist time

 By: TeutonicCarFan : May 14th, 2020-08:07
Hard to grow on you sitting in the safe. I think that looks much better than white version.

I must admit some of my collector friend like the black more than the white..

 By: janef : May 15th, 2020-04:35
But I kept seeing an Oreo biscuit on my wrist.. maybe I need a strap change to another colour..

I like the black.

 By: systematic.entropy : May 15th, 2020-07:38
I've occasionally had black watches in the collection. It's nice to have one. I recently overheard that you can change the RM crown rubbers. Maybe a strap and crown rubber change would freshen it up for you. Red? Yellow? Something that pops for summer. Or... 

I’d be happy to take it off your hands 😅

 By: maroufios : May 14th, 2020-08:22
You should have no problem selling it

I know the feeling...

 By: systematic.entropy : May 14th, 2020-08:41
Some watches you never "connect" with. Thankfully, at this point, I am pretty confident knowing what watches will be a keeper, and what ones will be a fling, and I can buy as such....

Yeah I suspect I kept on thinking the one I wanted was the all white

 By: janef : May 15th, 2020-04:32
This black version kept on reminding me that I am wearing a Oreo cookie on my wrist. 😂

Hi James,

 By: mywrongwrist : May 14th, 2020-08:48
something similar happened to me... I bought an important piece, loving it from day one, it was meant to mark a significant achievement At the end this achievement turned out to be a failure... So this piece is reminding me more the failure, the bad momen... 

It happens...and of course when it wasn’t your first choice the chances of those outcomes rises.

 By: Jay (Eire) : May 14th, 2020-10:39
Have you thought about putting it on a strap with some colour, the white strap would work well, but pretty much any bright colour will work for this. It may make you see the watch differently.

The white might work! Good suggestion!

 By: janef : May 15th, 2020-04:29
I can’t help but to relate my watch to a Oreo cookie 🤪

I don’t give my misses any watches....

 By: NickO : May 14th, 2020-12:43
She just takes them. Case in point - here’s one I lost for good this week. It took 48 hours from order to delivery to get a short strap and tang buckle. Nice job URWERK and Cellini. It looks better on her than it did on me. And now I know I’ll never get t...  

Wow thats one amazing Urwerk on the wrist of your boss .

 By: Watchonthewrist : May 14th, 2020-13:20
A woman with great taste 😉 I know how you feel , lost a Moser and my BB58 that way too 😫

You know, I have to commend my wife on her rate of progress when it comes to stealing my watches....

 By: NickO : May 14th, 2020-14:33
Remember that hip-hop song from a few years ago that rapped about car progressions? From Hondas to Novas to Lexus to Rovers. I feel like in a short span of a few years my wife has gone from Hublot to AP to URWERK to..... it scares me what comes next 😲

As does your Moser on your wife’s wrist!

 By: NickO : May 15th, 2020-07:28
You will never get that back, LOL!

Haha my mrs too have the exact same watch..

 By: janef : May 15th, 2020-04:24
Which she use to use it quite often for few months and eventually the sheer size and weight has outgrown her and it is current in the safe (in my other home overseas) waiting for a longer strap to fit my wrist. It does looks good on your wife. IMHO These ...  

That's a really good looking RM!

 By: jleno : May 14th, 2020-18:35
I like the combination of black and white. But I wouldn't hesitate to trade it in for something more appealing if it doesn't suit you.

Hahah that was my first thought too! But not in a bad way :)

 By: jleno : May 15th, 2020-17:34
It's an RM, so the market value is nontrivial. I'm sure someone like SteveH would give you a good deal on it if you wanted to sell/trade.