Green Polo S made it home on my wrist!

Jul 04, 2021,15:37 PM

I wrote another post about how I was awestruck by the Polo S green dial with RG accents, all on an SS bracelet .
I decided that I couldn't "live without it" and put a deposit down last Sunday.  After getting things arranged to take it home,
I finally got it on my wrist. I am really happy to add this one to my collection. My first green dial and a real looker IMO. 
And it's a mesmerizing to see the how the green dial shimmers and shines and changes
hues depending on the angle of light. Pics don't due justice to the real watch in person. 

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Big congrats!

 By: jrwong23 (aka watchthebin) : July 5th, 2021-03:05
The green dial is magical indeed and I can attest to that as an owner of one too It plays with light very well and the green changes from bright/yellowish to more darked/green-blue hue. The case and bezel are also very nice. Mine comes with the green stra... 


 By: rip9er : July 5th, 2021-12:54
Enjoy and welcome to the polo club 😁

Thanks for the comments, and about the SS bracelet.....

 By: Moka-Tiger : July 6th, 2021-15:39
I am still enjoying my Polo. It's on my wrist as I write. In regard to the bracelet, I find it to be perfectly fine. I don't have any negative comments about it. It is comfortable and fits perfectly, seems pretty solid to me, and looks good too. The clasp... 

congrats and welcome to the club :)

 By: christianch : July 6th, 2021-23:54
I agree with you that the Nautilus bracelet is not better, different and thinner yes but better? I don't think so. ( I do own and did wear a Patek 5711 for a long time)