Finally did it

Apr 18, 2024,17:29 PM

Been looking at the Warhol for years but never bought due to size. But I thought - who cares and have done it. Loving it thus far

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Congratulations ! …

 By: Cpt Scarlet : April 18th, 2024-17:31
It looks absolutely fabulous 🥂


 By: hora12reborn : April 18th, 2024-17:51

Cool funky. Enjoy!

 By: amanico : April 18th, 2024-17:31

Ultra cool

 By: Dimardi : April 18th, 2024-18:09
Such a unique, funky and very interesting design. Very cool...great conversation starter!! Congratulations!

You did the right thing

 By: blau : April 18th, 2024-20:09
Congratulations on taking the plunge for something odd and exquisite

I love the design of this watch.

 By: gary_g : April 18th, 2024-20:17
How’s the size? It looks like it wears big.

Not small 45x43mm 7.6mm

 By: JMan : April 19th, 2024-16:44
SIZE45 x 43 mm THICKNESS7.6 mm

Oh wow.

 By: gary_g : April 19th, 2024-17:59
Big for a vintage watch. Very modern dimensions.

Looks great on your wrist,

 By: clemens m : April 19th, 2024-04:52
so your fear of the size was arbitrary! Enjoy this special piece and wear it in good health!

Love it!

 By: fmc000 : April 19th, 2024-08:12
Very underrated piece and brand.

Big love for Piaget Andy Warhol

 By: tempus : April 20th, 2024-08:17
Especially the size combined with it’s flatness makes it so gorgeous. Well done! Beautiful piece!! Best Tempus