Awesome, all of them, at the point I don't have any favorite, here.

Sep 27, 2023,14:25 PM

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 By: fernando : September 27th, 2023-11:22
Thanks for looking. ...  

Tell me a secret

 By: piccolochimico (aka dsgalaxy1) : September 27th, 2023-16:13
I guess that you don't even take a lot of time before shooting. Your eye is the best camera and your mind is prompt the catch that unique and specific moment. Am I wrong?

Thank you, very kind of you!

 By: fernando : September 28th, 2023-12:20

That first one is great

 By: Mike H : September 27th, 2023-19:58
the contrast in b&w is perfect, well done my friend! Thanks for sharing!

Maybe this weekend…😉

 By: Mike H : September 29th, 2023-12:22

Thank you for the kind words!

 By: fernando : September 28th, 2023-12:23


 By: le_chef : September 28th, 2023-12:46
Lovely to see some more b&w. First and last are my favorites.

That first one is so Fernando.

 By: TheMadDruid : September 29th, 2023-01:22
Oh! Wait! You’re Fernando! You find such amazing geometric patterns in public spaces. Love looking at them. And the B&W is the cherry on top.