Thoughts on this 3940

Nov 17, 2018,08:50 AM

Looking at this 3940 from a private seller. Watch is dated to 1989. The movement numbers on the COO and engraving match. Also, the watch has had a service earlier this year from PP and the receipt has the movement number matching as well.

I have two observations however. I have come across a few deployants where the Calatrava filigree buckle isn't exactly round but a little 'squished' including the one on this particular example. Also, I am unable to make out any hallmarks from the pictures.

The seller claims to have purchased a sapphire case back at a later date from Patek and was sent for the service with it. I thought one couldn't do that.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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The hallmarks...

 By: lascases : November 17th, 2018-09:36
are on the othe side of the case (i.e. opposite the crown). They are important indicators re polishing status, of course. Maybe the seller could send you another image?

You are also right...

 By: lascases : November 17th, 2018-09:37
re the folding clasp - looks fake.

I have come across them on other watches as well

 By: Anirudh : November 17th, 2018-18:18
Which makes me wonder if they were Patek issued for a few years

I am not quite an expert but

 By: sham1 : November 17th, 2018-09:44
I know the 3940 was produced in 3 series, the first series from 1985 to 1986, the second from 1987 to 1989 and the 3rd series from 1990 to 2004. The first series is quite rare, I believe only 100 pieces were produced and had the solid case back. The 2nd s... 

Leaf hands?

 By: Thomahof : November 17th, 2018-10:46
That's not the case. Maybe you are mixing up the 3940 with the 3970 (that did have leaf hands on the first series)? Thomas

First serie

 By: tactictac : November 17th, 2018-13:20
700 expl. N° 770.001 to 770.700 This one is a very nice second serie.

You are absolutely right!

 By: sham1 : November 17th, 2018-16:50
My mistake, sorry. Kindly ignore my post!

As pointed out, you are thinking of the 3970

 By: Anirudh : November 17th, 2018-18:20
Both in case of the leaf hands and the large hallmarks

The 3940..

 By: Wristenthusiast : November 17th, 2018-16:33
My understanding ( please correct if I'm wrong): 3940s were made across a time period where transparent case backs were becoming a thing. People did start requesting them and PP would indulge them. So much so that the 3941 was made , same watch but displa... 

One thing to consider,

 By: baufoam : November 17th, 2018-17:57
The 3940 was made over a long period of time and in very large numbers. There are, without doubt, thousands of 3940s floating around out there.I never have heard an exact number. If you have any question as to this particular watches “correctness”, just w... 

I agree

 By: Anirudh : November 17th, 2018-18:23
That is one principle I follow with every watch purchase i.e no rushing. It isn't like I don't like this particular example, quite the contrary actually. I will be seeing this in person before making a decision. Just wanted an opinion about a few things f... 

A couple more

 By: Anirudh : November 17th, 2018-18:26


 By: Wristenthusiast : November 17th, 2018-21:05
I had to go search internet, but I'm pretty sure some PP Ellipse models have calatrava cross that is "squished" to resemble ellipse proportions. So maybe the clasp is real, but not model correct. Also FWIW, I bought mine from Madison Time in NY. I bought ...  

That Elipse

 By: baufoam : November 17th, 2018-21:49
Looks really cool!

Wonder if they were year specific

 By: Anirudh : November 17th, 2018-22:00
i.e if Patek issued 'squished' deployants around a certain time period, regardless of the model PS: The mentioned seller has some drool worthy offerings. Love his video with B. Clymer

To be clear:

 By: Wristenthusiast : November 17th, 2018-22:26
The picture I showed was random example off internet. I did not purchase an ellipse. I purchased a 3940R from Madison Time. I trust them and yes, they have drool worthy pieces.


 By: ID1972Sr : November 17th, 2018-22:57
+1: this is the deployant buckle of an Ellipse. Imo, this 3940 came with a pin buckle and the one pictured was added. This 3940 is a 2nd series (not a third); it has the "old style" certificate of origin and it is not coming with the Scatola del tempo win... 

Priced more or less along the lines of what others are asking

 By: Anirudh : November 18th, 2018-10:50
The 1st serie of course would be much more expensive. Could you tell me why would you pass on this one? Does anything look amiss to you (apart from the buckle)?


 By: ID1972Sr : November 18th, 2018-11:14
Not sure at which point did Patek introduce the Scatola del Tempo burgundy winding box, but this 3940 should have it. I would try to find one with the correct buckle and box (I did the same when I bought my 3940r and, afterwards, 5050j). Just my 2 cents