Summer salmon

May 25, 2023,12:13 PM

New shoes for my 5270. Delicate operation a success-feels like a new watch!

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That grail looks good even barefoot;)

 By: ZSHSZ : May 25th, 2023-12:53
Nevertheless, great combo. 👍🏻

Your new shoe 👞 👞

 By: GLau : May 25th, 2023-16:18
match the salmon dial well ! Very delicious 😋

Great combination!

 By: vitalsigns : May 25th, 2023-17:11

Gorgeous PP and great strap combo

 By: Watchonthewrists : May 25th, 2023-17:35
Always a nice feeling to have a new strap 👌🏻


 By: KCLQMULKU : May 25th, 2023-17:38
The first one is an amazing shot!

Did you use a specific tool to push the bars out?

 By: The Wellingtonian : May 25th, 2023-19:13
Looks like a great combo!

Thanks to all!

 By: 997c4gts : May 25th, 2023-21:43
Yes, took a little while to work out that the small screw on the deployant is the key(to not lose!). Once out, the bar can be pushed /tapped out with something non-metallic. Springbars are all quick release and the originals are WG-stick with those to sto... 


 By: The Wellingtonian : May 26th, 2023-01:38


 By: Patekfinity : May 26th, 2023-19:44
Incredible!! I scratched the lugs on one of my watches trying to get the spring bar back in. Was a disappointment but I guess only I know the scratch is there 😉.

All part of the training 😂😂

 By: The Wellingtonian : May 28th, 2023-02:56


 By: Stephen_Grossman : May 26th, 2023-05:32


 By: 997c4gts : May 28th, 2023-07:19