Not so much predicting for W&W 2024, more of a dream wish list

Feb 04, 2024,14:27 PM

A steel 38mm Annual calendar 

A 38mm 2499 Homage in platinum 
And finally a 5231p with European snd Asian cloisonné dial in platinum , to dream 😀

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5231p for me please

 By: penfriend : February 4th, 2024-14:33
will join your pledge!

The 2499 homage for me😎

 By: hora12reborn : February 4th, 2024-14:51

My request is more modest

 By: blau : February 4th, 2024-14:53
A steel handwind Calatrava with Breguet numerals.

Thanks for the dream list ! Which one will be a dream come true for

 By: GLau : February 4th, 2024-14:57
yours truly the self proclaimed enamel addict/slave ?🤣

5231P would be great!

 By: amanico : February 4th, 2024-16:54

I'm surprised they discontinued the 5230p

 By: TeutonicCarFan : February 4th, 2024-17:22
It was in the back of my head as perhaps a first patek. Ib love the size, blue dial guilloche, the blue city ring and the case. I fear they are moving to the model they released with date hand. Imo too busy

Yep, Agree.

 By: Miranda : April 1st, 2024-11:20

They should release the 5231R before the P

 By: chris7509 : February 4th, 2024-18:16
I guess they will issue this year or next year the R version of the WT. For the rest, my fear is that they will be too expensive for what they are .. i feel that Patek has been going to strong on the prices increases for the last 2 / 3 years.

correct, i am close to quitting PP

 By: Peter : March 31st, 2024-19:14
the current retail prices have lost the association with the product

A great wish list ! 👍 most likely this year there will be a

 By: GLau : April 1st, 2024-14:01
5231R before P which is usuallly the last metal. The steel AR will be amazing ! Will you get all three if your wish comes true ?

Nike slogan !

 By: GLau : April 1st, 2024-15:57
Just do it ! 🤣

I’d be happy with any of them!

 By: The Wellingtonian : April 2nd, 2024-08:57
If I could only get one probably the 2499 homage…