Hope mine

Jun 15, 2021,05:16 AM

wont see this....LoL

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similar to #5165 which is hard to get now

 By: anaroku : June 11th, 2021-00:47
I have never been interested in women’s aqua notes. However, when my wife told me that, when I looked at her seriously and this model, it was called a size, a composite band, and a new clasp, a type that had never existed before. Moreover, it looks exactl...  

In short, I myself😜 really want to wear it because of my wife.

 By: anaroku : June 11th, 2021-00:58
However, even with the same color, # 5067A-023 is too small for me (35mm) and is not a Fold-over-clasp. ...  

Your wife has great taste in watches and outfits !

 By: GLau : June 11th, 2021-03:51
Does she really want both or just the outfit ? 😃

These new Aquanaut models are certainly good looking and, at least sizewise, in my view suitable for both genders...nothing wrong if you like it for both yourself and your wife👍😉

 By: FabR : June 11th, 2021-01:31
But a great alternative for you then, though it might not be very easy to source now, could be this green 5167A-010, which not all collectors probably know but was offered as a LE a few years ago...Its size of course is the same as the 5167A in the regula...  

Thank you very much FabR.

 By: anaroku : June 11th, 2021-01:49
I never knew that the Khaki Green 5167A-010 was released in the Limited Edition in 2011. However, if it is 40 mm, I like the ordinary black 5167A. So I'm even more attracted to this 5267 of 38mm

And she got it... :)

 By: amanico : June 11th, 2021-05:25

You want this or her?

 By: Bolito : June 11th, 2021-09:17

She has great taste

 By: Cookies : June 12th, 2021-14:03
How does she find the new Twenty-4 automatic in stainless steel? I saw one today and my mind is changed about it. It has to be seen in metal to be fully appreciated.

Talk about wrist shots!

 By: Horology_Ancienne : June 12th, 2021-14:44

Hope mine

 By: Quan : June 15th, 2021-05:16
wont see this....LoL