Exhibit at the National Museum of Singapore

Sep 18, 2022,09:48 AM

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Thanks Mark for creating this post and sharing the photos !

 By: GLau : September 18th, 2022-10:24
What a wonderful piece to auction off for charity ! The enamel work on this clock seems so intricate and colorful 👍 What did you think of the enamel when your saw it in the metal ?

Newer dome clocks

 By: GLau : January 24th, 2023-16:31
are powered by quartz batteries

Hello Dauster, our latest Rare Handcraft clock releases (both dome and small dome table clocks) are powered by the Caliber 17''' PEND mechanical movement, rewound by an electric motor.

 By: FabR : January 24th, 2023-17:01
Please see the full Rare Handcraft press release of last year at the link below, as part of my official announcement of the new models for WPS (I believe some of the latest Rare Handcraft info is not available on Patek's site yet): Welcome here Dauster, ... 

My pleasure. While I simply attribute the adoption of more sophisticated movements for the modern offering to the research evolution in this area, the topic of solar clocks is indeed interesting, especially from a historical perspective!

 By: FabR : January 24th, 2023-23:32
Perhaps surprisingly for collectors, Patek has been a leader in the production of clocks and related timepieces powered in a variety of ways, since about the middle of the 20th century. Among the several online sources that you can find on the broader top...