Agree,my favorite 5930 !

Sep 26, 2023,15:18 PM

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The coolest World Time?

 By: El Padre : September 26th, 2023-14:06
I consider the 5930P as one of the prettiest Patek Philippe, but I have not yet had 5935A in my hands, what do you think of the steel version? ...  

The green looks great 👍

 By: GLau : September 26th, 2023-14:43
The steel with salmon dial is a collectible one IMO because of the metal and lovely color for the dial.

I agree...

 By: El Padre : September 27th, 2023-08:11
But there is a huge difference in the production amount between 5930 and 5935. The green is going to be pretty rare.

Agree,my favorite 5930 !

 By: jlux : September 26th, 2023-15:18

Same for me...

 By: El Padre : September 27th, 2023-08:13
The counter looks odd, but I like it anyway

Yes! 😊

 By: El Padre : September 29th, 2023-12:44

The green is amazing but a little too bright for me.

 By: DarrenKats : September 26th, 2023-19:19
I love the P! But the steel/salmon dial has my heart! I was able to see all three recently.


 By: Peter : September 27th, 2023-08:06
i had the steel version but could never get around the disproportionate minute totalizer. it looks way off to me. on the platin version this effect is not so pronounced due to the fact that the color of the totalizer is nearly identical to the rest of the... 

 By: El Padre : September 27th, 2023-08:15
Indeed, the counter in the steel looks even smaller because of the black ring

lovely ref

 By: keks : September 29th, 2023-19:29
personal preference in order would be 5930G Singapore red, 5930P green, 5930G blue, 5935A. I understand there is some who find steel and salmon a double hype cool which is fine, but personally my preference would be the others. Better case size for me as ...