5167A vs 5164A

Jan 10, 2022,15:55 PM

Dear Friends,

i am considering to buy one of the 2. i have never had any aquanauts. my collection is mainly Nautilus (5711/12 and 5990), 5270P and few other complications. 

for owners of those watches, i appreciate your opinion on which one you think you like more. i tried both and honestly both are good! but i am sure for people who have them for some time, they can have a better opinion than an opinion built on a one time trying them.
any feedback is appreciated!


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Very personal choice....

 By: watchme : January 10th, 2022-18:23
If you travel, the 5164A is Patek's only men's travel watch with a depth rating of 120M. If, however, you want legibility, the 5167A has a classic 3 hands with date on a disc at 3 o'clock. The date on the 5164A is harder to read, since it is on the subdia... 

Another excellent option in my view, simple and really versatile, is the 5167/1A…assuming you have access to any of these models at MSRP.

 By: FabR : January 10th, 2022-20:28
Note the extra “/1” in the reference (I’m in the likely minority who prefers bracelet to rubber strap on the 5167)….It’s a great daily Patek that’s been with me on a multitude of adventures in over 10 years, and which never, ever disappointed!❤️🥂Cheers. ...  


 By: w220 : January 10th, 2022-22:33
Have to agree with FabR, I too prefer the bracelet version, the 5167/1A. It is by far the most used Patek in my small collection. ...  


 By: FabR : January 10th, 2022-22:45

Will let you know…

 By: Watches_passion : January 11th, 2022-05:55
Part of the deal, i am trading my Havana octa luneFPJ. I realized i have to stick to Patek and wont change this strategy again, so the financials of the deal will impact the decision on 5617 vs 5614a even though the more i look at it the more i think 5164... 

Made the deal today…

 By: Watches_passion : January 14th, 2022-13:52
FPJ is gone and traded for a bit of stretch… 5164R… i felt i needed a PP rose gold sports watch… of course i had to pay a lot but thats ok… i wont wver be able to get this from the boutique. Will shre pictures when i get it end of month! Leanred my lesson... 

Huge congrats and let’s

 By: GLau : January 14th, 2022-16:37
see wrist shots and your thoughts on this piece after your have worn it.

I prefer the /1A, too, but the good news is....

 By: watchme : January 11th, 2022-14:48
that the 5167 is the ONLY piece that Patek will ALLOW you to buy the other option (strap & buckle or bracelet). -Dean


 By: Watches_passion : January 12th, 2022-18:34
Does this mean if i go for the 5167a, i can buy the bracelet seperately as well (as it comes only with the strap)? Thanks for letting me know.

Yes, this has been my understanding in recent years, that now both conversions are possible...and I would assume this to be the case for any customers who make the request.

 By: FabR : January 12th, 2022-18:45
However, since you wouldn't be buying the 5167 from a Patek AD, you may want to double-check with a specific AD or Salon first (which is where you would be ordering your bracelet anyway)👍 Cheers.


 By: gqmagic : January 10th, 2022-22:31
Since 2008 my most worn watch, been around the world several times. Comfort and legibility is unmatched. ...  

Thanks everyone…

 By: Watches_passion : January 11th, 2022-03:34
Great insights

thanks @holdemchamp1225... went for the 5164R

 By: Watches_passion : January 15th, 2022-05:32
felt the combination of Rose gold and 5164 brings a heavy presence... will get the watch end of month and then will see...


 By: Ed Watches : January 14th, 2022-21:55
Love the wrist presence in f the 5164, and the useful complication. It’s my favorite watch on a rubber strap. The 5167 is also fabulous, so no wrong choice here.

Thanks Ed….

 By: Watches_passion : January 15th, 2022-04:07
Went for the 5164R. Will get it end of month and will share some pics