Vintage watches

 By: maxbliss888 : April 14th, 2008-00:39

Selection of 1930's Rolex Prince.

1930s Prince.. :  )

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Vintage Rolex

 By: maxbliss888 : April 14th, 2008-00:49

Vintage 1950s bubbleback Rolex with8 Rolex Crowns on the dial...


 By: maxbliss888 : April 14th, 2008-01:03

Rolex Sports

 By: maxbliss888 : April 14th, 2008-01:09

That's an amazing collection

 By: DrStrong : April 14th, 2008-06:20

these Rolex Prince are beautiful and not very common !

Do you have more details about yours ?



I love your Daytonas, and...

 By: barbejatlobo : April 14th, 2008-12:28

... yours Daytonas love me! je, je, je...

Congs, Lobo.

Wow Max , I simply love your watches ! congratulations ! [nt]

 By: chronoman19 : April 15th, 2008-06:11
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Nice one Max. Great to see some vintage pieces other than sports models.

 By: : April 16th, 2008-20:09

I just love the Prince. Very understated elegance


Wow [nt]

 By: aperna : April 22nd, 2020-06:35
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Well curated! Lovely collection [nt]

 By: aperna : November 6th, 2020-17:34
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Wow, Max...

 By: amanico : April 14th, 2008-03:06

To begin a new week, this is pretty hard...You'd better put a² warning in your first post...
This is simply gorgeous!

Great collection Max.

 By: Krieng : April 14th, 2008-06:55

Your RLV collection is amazing. Thanks for sharing.


Welcome tothe site - Hell of a collection there

 By: Bill : April 14th, 2008-08:55
You must have been at it for a while.

Great stuff you have there.

Hope to hear more.


Beautiful and diverse collection, many congratulations! [nt]

 By: Miranda : April 14th, 2008-12:28
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Vintage Rolex Bubbleback & Prince

 By: maxbliss888 : April 14th, 2008-20:34

Thanks for your kind words!

Been collecting vintage watches since 1988. Times flies, almost 20 years and I am getting Old!

The Rolex Prince & Bubblebacks used to be very popular  : (

Left to Right: Patek Philiipe 0990, Prince Straight, Two Tone Prince Brancards, Extreme right Gruen Railway doctor's watch



Vintage 1930s Rolex Prince

 By: maxbliss888 : April 14th, 2008-20:43

I really like the old advertisement showing the product shots : )

I was offered a rolex Prince Jump hour in 1988...but  I couldn't afford  : (


 By: maxbliss888 : April 14th, 2008-20:49

Regret selling the Rolex 1016 & 5504 to my friends..


 By: maxbliss888 : April 17th, 2008-22:47

Rolex Bubblebacks

 By: maxbliss888 : April 17th, 2008-22:51
One of my favourite bubblebacks..Different sizes, materials and dials. :  )

Rolex Big Bubbleback & Semi bubbleback

 By: maxbliss888 : April 17th, 2008-23:16

Semi Bubbleback

Rolex bubbleback closed up

 By: maxbliss888 : April 17th, 2008-23:20

Rolex bubbleback closed up 2

 By: maxbliss888 : April 17th, 2008-23:21

Vintage Rolex

 By: maxbliss888 : April 18th, 2008-05:48

some collection ...

 By: JustTime : March 7th, 2011-06:15

Rolex 1680 Red submariner [nt]

 By: maxbliss888 : July 2nd, 2008-07:20
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Vintage sports models

 By: maxbliss888 : July 2nd, 2008-07:30

Max, may I have c loser look to this old Blue and Red GMT?

 By: amanico : July 2nd, 2008-07:33

Which looks like a 6542?

Nice trio there.

What is the other sub?

I don't see it very well...



Vintage Sports

 By: maxbliss888 : July 2nd, 2008-17:29
The submariner is a 6536/1 from 1957..  : )

Vintage Rolex Red Sub

 By: maxbliss888 : December 2nd, 2008-23:31

Rolex Explorer II (different period and different dials)

 By: maxbliss888 : December 2nd, 2008-23:38
There are slight difference in the shape of the crown with the earlier one having "rounder" crown and later narrower one..

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