Can anybody here show me the difference between preA OP6500 and 6502?

 By: i_am_Sam : June 21st, 2011-07:56
Especially the ones with PVD coating...

I've been told the differences by many expert paneristis about the differences but pictures would be very helpful to spot the differences..

Many thanks in advance..



Can any of our vintage gods here help with this question? Thanks! [nt]

 By: AnthonyTsai : June 23rd, 2011-08:06
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Hey Sam... I have some pics, but in the " bad " computer " ...

 By: amanico : June 23rd, 2011-10:35

And it takes me a lot of time before opening it, to have access to all my pics.

Will try this WE, unless someone here can do it before.

I definitely need to invest in a new lab top.



Thanks Nicolas. I'm looking forward to it..

 By: i_am_Sam : June 25th, 2011-19:18

Not an expert on the subject, but here you go

 By: michaelvl : June 23rd, 2011-10:55

6500 cases
- Made by Panerai Spa Firenze (the same cases that where used for the Panerai 5218-209/A and 5218-210)
- PVD thick and strong, very mate and course with a purple hue, hard to scratch or damage the PVD coating
- Beefy CG
- Uncoated CG pin

6502 cases
- Made by Richemont (this case was used for the later PreA's, A and some B serie Panerai's)
- PVD thin and weak, glossy, the PVD shall show sighs of wear after heavy use (see in the 6502 pictures how the metal is showing at bottom/top of the case and CG )
- Smaller CG (same as the A and B series)
- PVD Coated CG pin

Some pictures I collected for the net, if posting these is against the rules feel free to delete...

6500 PAM009PreA

6502 PAM004PreA

Those are really nice pictures Michael...

 By: i_am_Sam : June 25th, 2011-19:32
thank you for sharing ..

The PvD preAs are just beautiful... I hope I could get to see one of those in metal soon..

Thanks again..



Fours and NIne...

 By: BIllS100 : June 25th, 2011-21:48
PreA 4 and 4B-T


PreA 9




That's a nice comparison picture Bill! Thanks

 By: i_am_Sam : June 26th, 2011-07:20
I notice that the CG Pin on the preA4 is not PVD'd so I assumes it's a 6500 case.. 2 more questions.:

Is the inner bezel part on the 6500 case is not PVD'd?

Also I wanted to know if the distance between dial to crystal is the same as the one on PreVendome Panerais?

Thanks again Bill!



 By: BIllS100 : June 26th, 2011-16:50
Those watches are tucked away in a safety deposit box with some other cousins....

Thankfully, at least I keep my jpegs with me on my home computer..

So when I get a chance, I can have a look for you.



To add to Michael LVL and BillS...

 By: Hawaiian Timer : June 25th, 2011-23:40
My camera is giving me problems... But 6500 cases, like Pre-V cases, have very a very distinct and pronounced lug shape. Lugs are thick and somewhat crisp/sharp, with a flat foot bottom.

6502 lugs have a less distinct shape, with a more rounded and smoother nature as compared with its 6500 brother. The flat foot on bottom of 6502 lugs is pretty polished and slightly rounded... not flat and sharp like the foot and lugs on the 6500. If I can get my pics up and running at some point, I'll show the difference.=))

Have a great sunday! smile

Thanks again Greg!

 By: i_am_Sam : June 26th, 2011-07:22
Thanks again for your detailed and passionate explanation before...

Yes... a side by side comparison would be very helpful!

Looking forward to see it from you mate!

Have a great rest of the weekend!