Ressence Tye 5

 By: Geo : January 14th, 2022-19:12
It is maybe not your average Diver,
but I am amazed about the way this titanium case is designed & built 
and how the 46mm watch sits on the wrist. 
The Type 5 is usually seen with a black dial, like most Divers, 
but I thought the grey version is so attractive.

Stunning Geo…

 By: mahesh : January 14th, 2022-19:29
Well designed timepiece…


Thank you Mahesh!

 By: Geo : January 15th, 2022-07:24

Very cool piece Geo. The type 5 is my personal favorite from Ressence 🔥

 By: holdemchamp1225 : January 14th, 2022-20:59

Cool, and I can imagine

 By: Geo : January 15th, 2022-07:27
the Type 5 is perfect alrounder.
I love how the 46mm case wears so small.

Very nice looking one, my friend. And moreover, you wear it very well.

 By: amanico : January 14th, 2022-21:54

Thanks very much Nicolas.

 By: Geo : January 15th, 2022-13:55

Nice but why would..

 By: Ronald Held : January 14th, 2022-22:22
You consider diving while wearing it?

I doubt that I will ever dive or swim with the Type 5

 By: Geo : January 15th, 2022-07:29
because I do not see the need.
I have never been swimming with my Panerai, when I still had one.
The reason why I bought it is because the way it is build and designed.

Oh, all right. (nt)

 By: Ronald Held : January 15th, 2022-20:34

Great answer!

 By: fmc000 : January 16th, 2022-07:43
And extremely coll watch.

Treu. (nt)

 By: Ronald Held : January 16th, 2022-20:40

Very cool piece

 By: mj23 : January 15th, 2022-00:27

Thank you!

 By: Geo : January 15th, 2022-13:54

Amazing watch my friend

 By: Watchonthewrist : January 15th, 2022-09:24

Thanks so m much!

 By: Geo : January 15th, 2022-13:54

Amazingly cool 👍 really nice looking one

 By: Mike H : January 15th, 2022-11:16
And you wear it perfectly 👌
Cool watch, cool outfit, cool photo ! What’s not to love here?

Thank you Mike

 By: Geo : January 17th, 2022-07:15
For me these watches without hands and without a crown, are another world.
When I first discovered Ressence, it took some time to get used to the concept,
but when I tried them at the SIHH, I was sold. Pictures probably don't do justice
to these watches.