Yes these compressor divers are gorgeous.

Jun 26, 2022,18:59 PM

If I find a vintage one with some nice tropical patina, I’m on!!!

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From Father to Son

 By: Cookies : June 26th, 2022-07:16
It is not the cost but the memories that mattered. This quartz Omega Seamaster 200 is likely worth $1000 on the 2nd hand market, in a good condition. But what if the watch is quartz, in a bad condition, and the cost to repair it, could buy a brand new Lon...  

Thanks buddy Nico

 By: Cookies : June 26th, 2022-08:38
Wish all is well and great in your life. Hope to read more tales from you soon.

Here are more pics Nico

 By: Cookies : June 26th, 2022-09:30
Newer dial has gilt around the lume but the old one doesn’t. I prefer the gilt. Indices on old dial are in matt, but the new one is slightly shiny. Feels good to have this old lady back. ...  

Thank you Cookies. Amazing that they could restore it so well. I have a similar experience with a speedmaster.

 By: jlc.thomsen : June 26th, 2022-08:28
Watches are so much more than just…watches PS I would still get the legend diver though, when there’s room for that that is.😉

Well said

 By: Cookies : June 26th, 2022-08:41
Yes indeed. I like the LLD so much, i bought one when it was released about 10 years ago, and then I saw my sister eyeing it, and so it was gone. I really like the grey or maroon versions they recently made. My eyes have also been looking at the Montblanc... 

Yes these compressor divers are gorgeous.

 By: jlc.thomsen : June 26th, 2022-18:59
If I find a vintage one with some nice tropical patina, I’m on!!!

👏 Bravo

 By: Andy_Mac : June 26th, 2022-08:46
….nicely written. Definitely a timepiece to be cherished and worn with pride! Always liked the pre-Bond Seamasters too!

Thanks Andy_Mac

 By: Cookies : June 26th, 2022-09:05
Wish they made it once again. Imagine one with the new METAS movement. 80’s proportions were quite handsome but today they will find it small. I tried to find a replacement for it, and ended up with the trimetal, but the trimetal is quite large and strugg...  

The SeaMaster Diver is another solid choice for sure, and the

 By: Andy_Mac : June 26th, 2022-11:56
…trimetal version must be one of the rarest iterations. I’d imagine after the service Omega will restore the water resistance, so maybe your father’s watch will see some more dive action? 👊

Likely it will

 By: Cookies : June 26th, 2022-16:58
I’m at the crossroads in life now. In the midst if leaving Australia for good, and contemplating a life as a Franciscian friar. Maybe I’d have one last dive before the next chapter begins. Yes this piece should be able to handle a dive now.=D

The word 'fabulous' is derived from 'fable' (or 'fabled') . . .

 By: Dr No : June 26th, 2022-16:14
. . . so, in the purest sense of the term, thanks for sharing your fabulous Omega Seamaster and the tale of its resurrection. I recently went thru a similar restoration with Dad's Seiko Sea Lion. Prior watchmakers had treated it shabbily; two(!) jewels we...  

The Sealion is looking great

 By: Cookies : June 26th, 2022-16:57
There is a certain dogged determination to get the piece up and running, and a joy when the mission is complete. I remembered the movie Gran Turino when Eastwood spent a lot of time restoring his car. It could be a similar sentiment attached to something ... 

Prince William comes to mind…

 By: myles721 : June 27th, 2022-10:42
Not only the memories but in a world of disposable crap why shouldn’t a perfectly good well made instrument be refurbished?

Thanks Myles and well said

 By: Cookies : June 27th, 2022-13:08
Well made things can last lifetimes. I remember reading about the longest running incandescent lightbulb which is still operating after decades - they mentioned that many products have built-in features to make them obsolete so people buy more and a well-... 

Thanks a lot

 By: Cookies : June 29th, 2022-09:38
Been wearing it for days on end.=D this will do.