Need to set the right time

Oct 08, 2019,01:45 AM

But first .. Coffee

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 By: Nono01 : October 8th, 2019-23:38
Am, I'm from Croatia, and we are junkies when it comes to Coffee :P


 By: Nono01 : October 8th, 2019-23:38
Thank you mate!

Nice photo -- love the strap and shirt color coordination

 By: JohnFM : October 8th, 2019-10:02
... intentional or not!


 By: Nono01 : October 8th, 2019-23:39
By accident really, it was on the spot, turning the camera on and takind the shot. And thank you

Great shot [nt]

 By: aperna : October 8th, 2019-10:20


 By: Nono01 : October 8th, 2019-23:39
Thank you and cheers

Nice watch, nice strap and a great picture [nt]

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : October 8th, 2019-11:04


 By: Nono01 : October 8th, 2019-23:39
Cheers mate and thank you

Panerai can probably move a lot more pieces if they have pics like these..

 By: Echi : October 8th, 2019-18:40
In their marketing to highlight a couple of things.. that Panerai can easily change with your moods with a dizzying variety of strap options and that it is a beautiful thing on the wrist. They'll be preaching to the choir with guys like us but there's rea... 


 By: Nono01 : October 8th, 2019-23:45
Thank you for your great comment. I never really understood the fascination with straps before I got a PAM. But it's really fun to change the whole look and feel by changing one piece of fabric. And I agree, I think watch companies need to focus a lot mor...