Some Montblanc Fountain pens I am dreaming about...

Jun 06, 2019,08:19 AM

Here is a small selection. 

The Kandinsky is my favorite: 

Followed by the " Blue Hour ": 

The Guggenheim:

The Da Vinci:

And the Scipione Borghese: 

If I could get at least one of them, I would be extremely happy. 

The Guggenheim is an old love, since 2016 and my trip in Hamburg. I could see it several times since then. The others, only in picture. 

But I fear that if I start... I cannot stop. wink



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Why don’t we

 By: Jurry : June 6th, 2019-10:09
Why don’t we go crazy and find a way to get the man a montblanc?

I have a friend/former co-worker who was walking back to the office after lunch one afternoon

 By: Thomas_3 : June 6th, 2019-08:51
and looked down and found a gold MB fountain pen laying on the sidewalk. Nice find!! I found a MB mechanical pencil in a bag of misc. pens and pencils our "gal Friday" brought in one morning and said "take what you want, my husband cleaned out his desk dr... 

These are my two favorite Montblancs ...

 By: JohnFM : June 6th, 2019-09:15
... and the two that got away -- the de Medici and the Hemingway. Prices have soared -- not unlike a nice 4 or 5-digit steel Rolex. ...  

We sure do Nicolas

 By: JohnFM : June 6th, 2019-10:46
You love many of the same simpler classic watches that I love, so it's not surprising with pens. As with watches, there were quite a few understated fountain pens even 20 years ago. Then the pen industry moved in the 'luxury' direction and designs became ... 


 By: JohnFM : June 6th, 2019-11:47
Great pic! I’m embarrassed to admit I’m not familiar with this Duofold. I have 4-5 of the earlier models (Black, Orange, Pearl and Black) which I love, though the ink flow could be better on a couple of them.

That's a nice pen! [nt]

 By: patrick_y : June 8th, 2019-11:01


 By: FlyingSnoopy : June 6th, 2019-12:33
Have they really? I have a Hemingway....

The Hemingway is fantastic!

 By: JohnFM : June 6th, 2019-13:05
I have two ball point Hemingways but no fountain pen. It think it's my second favorite, just behind the original de Medici. I remember thinking how expensive these were when they were new. Now they're unobtainable ... almost. Of course, compared to watche... 

Be careful my friend

 By: Maltie : June 6th, 2019-09:20
Pens can be extremely addictive ...  

The Kandinsky looks more like a Silberstein!

 By: cazalea : June 6th, 2019-09:36
STOP TEMPTING ME -- I cannot get interested in collecting more things ... like titanium pens! Mike ...  

I’ve had three great looking MontBlanc pens ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 6th, 2019-09:47
That have had to be returned with serious defects.

I have a Bordeaux colored ballpoint, many, many years ago I had it in the inside breast pocket of my sportcoat, jut loose in the pocket, not clipped.

 By: Thomas_3 : June 6th, 2019-10:05
Got home, took the coat out of the car, pen slid out and hit the concrete driveway and the top half of the pen basically shattered. Took it to the store I bought it from fully ready to buy another. The saleslady I bought it from said "let me send it back ... 

Classics! [nt]

 By: amanico : June 6th, 2019-10:12

Like best

 By: Jurry : June 6th, 2019-10:20
One of the things I like best is the ritual of filing the ink container with ink from such an old fashioned ink bottle. Takes few minutes and I like doing it The fountain pens are so good they never leak not even aboard an aircraft

I have to say,

 By: Adamska : June 6th, 2019-09:52
the Scipione Borghese looks particularly appealing to me out of your selection . Some of the others are a tad over the top for my tasted . Would love to see them all of course! Cheers, Filip

Didn’t know

 By: Jurry : June 6th, 2019-10:05
I didn’t know you’re into pens as well. My favorite Montblancs are the John F Kennedy and the classical Meisterstück Jurry

Aaah, the JFK...

 By: amanico : June 6th, 2019-10:12

Mine is different

 By: Jurry : June 6th, 2019-10:18
I got this one few years back ...  

Ouch!!!! [nt]

 By: amanico : June 6th, 2019-13:08

Thank you Nicolas

 By: Jad : June 7th, 2019-00:34
For raising the interest, is it a common thing to be ingested in fountain pens and watches? Having both the MB diplomat and Pleikan 800/600 I find writing with the pelican a more rewarding experience. What do you think of that?