Photo Report - JLC Sound Maker Exhibit

Oct 04, 2021,13:54 PM

I had the chance this weekend to visit the JLC Sound Maker Exhibit, which is currently in NYC.  It was a terrific opportunity to see 140+ years of minute repeaters from the manufacture, with a diverse array of pocket / watch styles.  There was even a watchmaker present to explain the mechanics of the MR mechanism with a real, working movement example.  Apologies for the poor photos as these were all taken from my phone.  For those in the NYC area, it is worth a visit.

Nico may enjoy this one - from the 70s

The original parking timer

The dialโ€™s intricacy must be seen up close to really appreciate it

My personal favorite

More than 1,000 individual spinning discs

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I stopped by on Sunday afternoon...

 By: watchme : October 12th, 2021-17:06
For an exhibit of mainly just "sound making" watches, it was very impressive. -Dean

Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

 By: andyhud : October 12th, 2021-19:12
The audio guides were pretty interesting as well.