New 8-year JLC warranty — Well, that was easy!

May 15, 2019,16:46 PM

I have one JLC Reverso that is still within its original 2-year warranty, and I had already registered it at the JLC website and also had already added it to “My Collection” at the JLC website.

Getting my new warranty extension was super-easy.  I logged-in to my account at the JLC website, clicked on “My Collection,” and there was my Reverso listed, with a handy clickable option to “Extend Warranty.”  I clicked on that link, confirmed that I wished to get the extended warranty, and that was that!  I didn’t even have to re-enter the identification data for my Reverso.

I was very happy that it was so easy to do, especially since I had found the JLC website to be unintuitive and inefficient in past visits.  They did this new feature right!

<20 minutes later:  I’ve received an email from JLC saying that my extended warranty request is under review by “JLC teams,” and that I will soon receive another email regarding the final status of my request.>

Ano “I hope I’ll never need that warranty” Nuevo

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this is great to know, Nuevo

 By: Seeks : May 15th, 2019-20:42
Let me do that soon too! best regards

Incredible process and programme!

 By: pfang56 : May 18th, 2019-02:17
Did you notice it is also transferable. Really incredible investment and it reinforces the brand’s longevity and reliability. Thank you JLC! Peter

I didn’t notice the transferability ...

 By: Ano Nuevo : May 30th, 2019-10:00
Thanks for calling attention to that benefit, Peter. - A. N.