There are a few pictures on this forum of black-dialed Quartermasters...

Mar 14, 2018,18:06 PM's Blomman's example now:

But I suspect that you want something a little more "tangible".  I've linked this thread over to another forum where you are a member.  Someone over there found an auction listing for Gus Grissom's LeCoultre, which was sold about 10 years ago.  So now we have 4 examples, all owned by Mercury astronauts.  Sense a trend here?

I highly doubt that Jaeger-LeCoultre would have any records about these watches.  At the time, LeCoultre watches were distributed in the US by Longines-Wittnauer Co. of New York. The US side of the venture was sold to Westinghouse in the late 1960's  The latest date I can find any evidence of L-W's existence was 1994.  At that time, Longines was sold off to (what evetually became) Swatch and Wittnauer became independent for a time. 

My guess is that these watches came about by mating the K831/CW caliber used for the Quartermaster, with an American made steel case and dial.  

I do not know whether these were specially made for NASA at their request, or put together by Longines-Wittnauer.

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LeCoultre -- Military Style Watch, with 24-Hour Indication

 By: OnTheDash : March 12th, 2018-13:12
Is anyone familiar with this watch? Authentic? Military-issued? Any interesting history, etc.? Sorry about the poor-quality photo, but that's all I have at the moment. Thanks in advance, Jeff ...  

AFAIK, LeCoultre only did one with ...

 By: blomman Mr Blue : March 12th, 2018-23:35
This kind of 24h dial, the Quartermaster. If this is one, then the dial is a really bad repaint.... Do a search here in the forum you will find photos of mine. Best Blomman

Series Produced for the Seven Mercury Astronauts?? This One, John Glenn's.

 By: OnTheDash : March 13th, 2018-01:16
You guys are the LeCoultre experts, and I sincerely appreciate your responses. My quick research suggests that NASA ordered (at least) eight of these watches, and gave one of them to each of the seven Mercury astronauts. This would have been in the Mercur...  

Well, never claimed to be an expert....

 By: blomman Mr Blue : March 13th, 2018-03:02
Only 8 pieces made for a special occation in US... Never heard of any claims that JLC delivered any watches to NASA. As for this watch, most likely the same movement as in the Quartermaster, Cal 480 CW. Strange choice for an astronout watch. OK, the 24h d... 

Yes -- A Strange Story . . . Le Coultre Watches for Mercury Astronauts

 By: OnTheDash : March 13th, 2018-03:24
No doubt, a very strange story . . . and almost 60 years later, it is difficult to suggest how these eight watches would have been ordered / produced / supplied. But it was being sold with other items from the estate of John Glenn, and the watch matches t... 

Thanks in advance

 By: MTF : March 13th, 2018-05:50
Jeff, We await your investigative result with anticipation... Thanks, mate. Regards, Melvyn (MTF)

Thanks, Melvyn . . . You Know I Love the Mysteries!!

 By: OnTheDash : March 13th, 2018-06:56
Sometimes, I think that I am buying the watches, just to add some fuel to the fire, in trying to solve their mysteries. I was born in 1955, so have always been a huge John Glenn / Mercury astronaut fan. Hopefully, we will get some interesting information.... 

One reply here and you find it all by yourself....magick of this place!

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : March 13th, 2018-08:59
Thanks for sharing Cheers D

Passage from Wally Schirra Biography (or Maybe Autobiography)

 By: OnTheDash : March 13th, 2018-13:30
I found this excerpt, on another forum, quoting Wally Schirra -- "Harold Johnson, one of the STG engineers, came to our office one day with eight wristwatches-one for each of us and one he would wear. They were analog watches with numbered dials, but the ... 

1961 Life Magazine Cover - Alan Sheppard

 By: gatorcpa : March 13th, 2018-20:17
Note the watch on Alan Sheppard's wrist in this cover photo. I think it is the same LeCoultre. At least the band looks the same. gatorcpa ...  

Alan Shepard -- Yes, He Seems to Be Wearing the Le Coultre

 By: OnTheDash : March 14th, 2018-02:22
Well Spotted!! At first glance, I thought perhaps an Accutron Astronaut, but two observations -- (a) Shepard's watch has a crown, which would be absent on the Accutron, and (b) May 1961 would probably pre-date the Accutron . . . right? Also, on the Accutr... 

Yes -- Alan Shepard Wearing Le Coultre

 By: OnTheDash : March 14th, 2018-03:16
Yes, when we look inside this issue of Life, we see Alan Shepard wearing the Le Coultre, as identified by that crazy looking bracelet (as seen on Wally Schirra's Le Coultre)!! Jeff ...  

Wow... this is a fascinating story.

 By: DSF : March 14th, 2018-03:40
Definitely a post I keep checking everyday for updates. Thank you for sharing. Best, David

Question -- Does JLC Have Historian / Archivist Who Cares About Such Things??

 By: OnTheDash : March 14th, 2018-03:58
So the question of the moment -- Does JLC have anyone who focuses on the brands' heritage / history, and might be able to offer any support? Or who even cares about such things? An interesting chapter in the Le Coultre history, right? Not "space worn", bu... 

What a find! And what an Excellent story! Thank you for having sharing it here!

 By: eklektik : March 14th, 2018-12:27
@ amanico: have you got another watch in your hunting list now? 1 out of 7, that is a limited edition All the best, É.

Wanted -- LeCoultre Quartermaster

 By: OnTheDash : March 14th, 2018-14:41
So does anyone here have a suggestion, as to where I might be able to "beg, borrow or steal" a LeCoultre Quartermaster, with the black dial? I am assuming that buying and selling is not permitted on this forum, but I am hoping that someone can point me in... 

There are a few pictures on this forum of black-dialed Quartermasters...

 By: gatorcpa : March 14th, 2018-18:06's Blomman's example now: But I suspect that you want something a little more "tangible". I've linked this thread over to another forum where you are a member. Someone over there found an auction listing for Gus Grissom's LeCoultre, which was sold ...  

The Plot Thickens . . . "Johnson" Style LeCoultre Watch, as Issued to the Mercury Astronauts

 By: OnTheDash : March 16th, 2018-10:31
So here is one of the "Johnson" / astronaut style watches (issued by NASA engineer Harold Johnson to the seven Mercury astronauts), sold on eBay approximately one year ago. Listed as a "Quartermaster", we see that it matches the "Johnson" watches, except ...  

Looking Forward to the Posting -- "Case Closed" / "Mystery Solved"

 By: OnTheDash : March 16th, 2018-10:57
I love the puzzles, and this one is fascinating (at least to a 1960s / space exploration enthusiast). I have already learned a lot about LeCoultre, and am optimistic that we will be able to piece the parts together, to explain some of these watches. Also,... 

Thanks -- Looking Forward to Further Developments / Information

 By: OnTheDash : March 18th, 2018-12:25
This has been a fun one, for me as well. I'm looking forward to learning more about these mysterious LeCoultre Quartermasters, and the newly-discovered cousins, handed out by NASA engineer Harold Johnson. Jeff

New Arrival -- John Glenn's LeCoultre . . . Now on My Wrist!!

 By: OnTheDash : March 20th, 2018-09:51
With sincere thanks to all here who contributed to this search!! Jeff ...  

Proper Portraiture Tonight -- John Glenn's LeCoultre

 By: OnTheDash : March 22nd, 2018-20:55
Thanks again to everyone on this amazing forum who contributed to the identification / chase / acquisition. Tonight, I took the proper head-shot . . . maybe a good way to close-off this thread . . . or at least this first chapter. We'll let it run down ov...  

As an epilogue for this first chapter...

 By: eklektik : March 23rd, 2018-00:54
... could we have back, side and movement shots? You've got a marvel in your hands, lucky man! Best, É.

Weekend Project

 By: OnTheDash : March 23rd, 2018-04:00
Yes -- will take more photos over the weekend.

I can't wait! [nt]

 By: amanico : March 23rd, 2018-04:01

Interesting development

 By: blomman Mr Blue : March 24th, 2018-00:33
I will follow your mission to uncover these with pleasure. Best Blomman

A Couple of Additional Photos

 By: OnTheDash : April 13th, 2018-07:56
Sorry for going silent, regarding this watch from the estate of John Glenn, but it will go off for servicing next week, so I snapped a couple of photos last night. Unfortunately, I was unable to remove the case-back, as it seems to require a strange tool ...  

I Will Rely on My Watchmaker to Open the Case

 By: OnTheDash : April 13th, 2018-13:09
It seems to require a special type of tool . . . usual wrench, but very small pins. ...  

The Movement -- LeCoultre K831/CW

 By: OnTheDash : April 25th, 2018-07:07
Here we go, folks, fresh from my watchmaker's bench . . . movement is K831/CW . . . serial number is 1328310. Sorry to be telling the story piecemeal, but we will pull it all together, soon. Jeff ...  

Thank you for keeping your promises!! Very nice movement.

 By: eklektik : April 26th, 2018-01:22
@Nicolas: have you got any good story on it? Best. É.

What a great watch!

 By: =RWK= : April 26th, 2018-22:56
Enjoy -- Richard.