The Little Beast has came back !

Oct 05, 2021,02:19 AM

Very excited that my Ingenieur crown problem has been fixed by the local watchmaker at my AD. Apparently a part of the crown "click" was slipped out of place. Now a little review : I called it little beast, because, although it is small by today's standard, at 34.5 mm, it has lot of going on inside and outside. Starting from inside : a refined JLC caliber 889/2 with platinum rotor. A faraday cage to provide 80,000 A/m magnetic resistance. A special shock absorber surrounding the movement. From outside: water resistant 120 meter with screw down crown. Solid links (not a folded metal), connected by screws, not friction pin and collar. Flip-lock clasp. The design also live up to Genta's design. It is very versatile, can be worn in casual and formal event. The case is very thin for a sport watch, at only 8.4 mm. But feels heavy and solid. The transition from case to bracelet is a bit harsh and maybe a bit odd. But i like it.. it give a unique and masculine look . The bracelet is similar to the Nautilus, but much more sport with all brushed finish, more pronounced center link, and overall sharper look. A nice touch is that the center link has round profile (half circle) shape, which give three-dimensional look. All in all, i am very satisfied with my last purchase. If i could change anything, i would like the size to be 36-37 mm, bolder hands and hour markers, get rid of the cyclop (or better, get rid the date altogether). IWC did a good job refinishing the complex case and bracelet. Thanks for reading.

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From the manual book....

 By: hoseachandra : October 5th, 2021-02:23

Actually, its 80,000 A/m, equal to 1,000 Gauss (1 gauss = 80 A/m)

 By: hoseachandra : October 5th, 2021-05:47
So it is the same with Rolex millgaus. But far below the Omega 15,000 Gauss with caliber 8xxx. Thanks my friend.

Wow wow wow.

 By: Lankysudanese : October 5th, 2021-05:47
Your review and photos look like they do this beast justice. Enjoy! What was wrong with the crown!

The crown can not set the date and keep turning the hands even in the winding position.

 By: hoseachandra : October 5th, 2021-05:48
They said a small screw in the crown system was loose.

Ah. Glad that it got sorted

 By: Lankysudanese : October 5th, 2021-07:02

I have an all steel version I bought NOS

 By: cgrossman : October 5th, 2021-12:56
Excellent write up. I love this watch-have loved it for decades. As an aside, when setting the date, I find it has an incredibly satisfying action. The date whips into place with a quiet crispness. Thank you for sharing! Charlie ...  

Yes the date changed very crisp. Although i would like the crown to be a bit bigger and more grippy

 By: hoseachandra : October 6th, 2021-05:22
It is a bit difficult to hold and turn the smallish crown. Also, i find it has too many writings. I think "IWC Scaffhausen, chronometer / automatic " should be enough. Make the dial cleaner.

I adore the design of this era's ingeniur

 By: SayNo2Babies : October 5th, 2021-18:56
Each year I'm more surprised IWC doesn't release an updated version this reference

IWC keep busy milking the Pilot watch. I dont understand why they fails to see that Ingenieur is a hidden gem

 By: hoseachandra : October 6th, 2021-05:34
And could be a success as an alternative for Royal oak and Nautilus, if done right.