New acquisition

Sep 18, 2022,17:50 PM

Bought this in Pittsburgh to celebrate flight training and my son graduating and being off the payroll!! Been visiting that shop on and off since 1996. Could not afford what they carried till now. Thought would take airport shot as I wait for flight from Quebec.

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Beautiful watch, congratulations!!

 By: gregcarraram3 : September 18th, 2022-19:54

Thanks very much

 By: Nicholas Abidi : September 19th, 2022-04:19

Nice. Always loved that watch.

 By: Blansky : September 18th, 2022-22:47


 By: Nicholas Abidi : September 20th, 2022-07:33

Iconic IWC. I have an older version.

 By: Costa (aka Connie) : September 19th, 2022-18:21
It wears great. Congratulations!!

To me, pilot watches mean IWC, what a great choice

 By: Moka-Tiger (Ron) : September 20th, 2022-01:43
I love them all, of course, yours included. It's a great, fantastic pilot. Glad you were able to get.

Great Choice!

 By: JLCman : September 20th, 2022-11:50
The most beautiful version since the original „Fliegerchronograph“!

Great watch!

 By: ripper444 : September 20th, 2022-18:22