Looks like a spaceship...!

Mar 24, 2020,12:00 PM

I love it.

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 By: Mohannad (aka Riddler) : March 24th, 2020-08:46
I’m sure many have seen the pics ...  

A confused design

 By: chintu : March 24th, 2020-10:00
HM10 seems at best an exercise in confusion. The novelty of a bulldog theme apart, there is nothing coherent. It seems to have borrowed too many design cues from the previous models and the end result therefore is confusing and appears cobbled together ra... 

I agree with you

 By: NickO : March 25th, 2020-14:30
I’m a big fan of Max and I really admire his individuality and creativity. However, as one would expect, I find some designs more coherent and cohesive than others. I agree with you that on first glance one can glean design cues from a number of previous ... 

I think the jaws are creative n fun!

 By: janef : March 24th, 2020-10:39
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Looks like a spaceship...!

 By: George Gently : March 24th, 2020-12:00
I love it.

At 24mm height ?

 By: chintu : March 25th, 2020-06:19
It would stick out a mile above the wrist and it would really take someone with lot of elan to carry it off. Of course an expensive conversation piece, but not one that is easily wearable with that proportions. The HM4 is of a similar height , but more co... 

Very bold and creative design like i am used from the brand .

 By: Watchonthewrist : March 24th, 2020-13:45
I would love to see it in person and try it on the wrist one day


 By: Jurry : March 24th, 2020-15:34
It’s starting to change from “design for a purpose” into “purpose is design only” I appreciate the brand and some of their models are true master pieces. But this one seems a bit of a ratatouille of all previous work I can fully understand and appreciate ... 

A let down after the fantastic LM Perpetual

 By: chintu : March 25th, 2020-06:25
The Legacy Machine Perpetual was a classic design with rich horological technical features and I felt that it demonstrated both design and horological excellence. In that context the HM10 is more of a design exercise borrowing heavily from previous models... 

Yes! I showed this to my wife and her first question was “is that the latest MB&F and URWERK collaboration?”

 By: NickO : March 25th, 2020-14:26
Case design does remind you of this..... Photo credit: Hodinkee ...  

Just because you can...

 By: mdg : March 25th, 2020-10:31
doesn't mean you should. This is sculpture maybe...art? It's not really a watch. It's a very expensive toy.

Lots of modern watches are kinetic sculpture versus...

 By: Ronald Held : March 25th, 2020-12:28
Timekeeping devices. YMMV.o

I tried this Bulldog on

 By: GreatPilot@me.com : April 27th, 2020-17:06
A few days ago and it would not sit straight on my 6.75 inch wrists, it did feel more comfortable a little off center or completely on the side of my wrist which could be good for driving. It is a cool piece but maybe a different size wrist would work bet... 

Based on the pics..

 By: chintu : April 27th, 2020-19:05
A flatter case back would have been much much better in improving wearability. I think that any height ( case thickness) beyond 15 or 16 mm takes the joy away as the watch would hardly fit under a sleeve. I just hope the Max would take these inputs and co...