Dec 18, 2019,17:28 PM

Just stole a wrist shot of what the mrs is wearing.. she love this piece (our only Hublot) she just ordered a MP-11.. she is trying to get the green “saxem” but that’s a 20 piece limited edition. Personally I prefer the normal clear sapphire. 

She so far whacked this on the door frame twice and dropped on wooden floor once and once from the bed onto marble floor with zero damage so far!! Not even a scratch. This is her kitchen watch now. I must say this is holding up surprising well for a all sapphire piece. 

I would have never thought Hublot is so well built. Shame on all the negativities surrounding the brand.

I must admit before this piece I was a skeptic too. I am glad to learn not to judge a brand through other’s perceptions. 


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Thank you 🍻 [nt]

 By: janef : December 19th, 2019-02:41