Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Red Magic Review

Sep 24, 2022,15:43 PM

During Watches and Wonders 2022 Hublot quietly released a "Red Magic" version of the Spirit of Big Bang (Ref. 642.CF.0113.RX). I tried it on in April during the presentation of the new models and it immediately captured my attention as it is very bold, very red but also very cool. 

I expressed my interest. In June one piece arrived at the local Boutique but I wasn't 100% sure. Perhaps too bold ? Haivng already 1 Spirit of big bang Titatnium/Ceramic bezel (the first model without the quick swap for the straps) may be a second one (albeit very different as look and feel, and in a different material) made no sense. 

Fast forward now and I saw it again while changing a strap for my titanium spirit of big bang. I was still in ❤️so I decided to go for it and here it is. Unapologetically Red and Bold! 

The Spirit of Big Bang Red Magic is still powered by the HUB4700 which is the successor to the famous El Primero Movement. The Hublot version is skeletonized and in this iteration it has red accents and a red 
frame to the date window

The box is the classic Hublot one simple and with the window on the top 

The Case is entirely in Ceramic and leverages Hublot's "Art of Fusion" to achieve a bright red color

As you can see I tried to fit with the watch by wearing a red tie and pocket square 

It is 42mm but, due to the shape and thickness, wears fairly large. Not a problem as I am used to this model!

The red rubber strap is a big improvement over the previous one. The quick change strap has bigger strips (the previous one had very fine lines that would collect a lot of dust). Is well made and I look forward to 
try other straps (waiting for a black alligator and also got a rubber red with white lining).

The Hublot clasp is not the most comfortable but the new one is again and improvement vs the old one. Interestingly you can see that the red of the strap doesn't fully match the red of the ceramic. I assume this is due to the different material so you can't probably achieve a totally identical red. 

Now: is this red close to the Swiss Red? Here you can see over my passport. May be not the same shade buy close enough! (the red/white strap would fit perfectly)

Here you can see the watch without the strap 

and the gorgeous  HUB 4700 movement! 

I am very happy with the watch so far (honeymoon phase ❤️)  and I think is definitley very different. 

How do you like it? Or dislike it ? 😅

Thanks for reading! 

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Nice photos

 By: sschew : September 24th, 2022-18:16
That's a cool watch and many here have 'doubles' with just slight differences. I have 2 Oceanographic 4000s one in titanium the other carbon fibre. Same deal with my Oceanographic 1000s. Anyway beautiful watch and it really looks great-congrats!!!!

I saw this one once on a gentleman’s wrist while visiting Florida…

 By: ArmisT : September 24th, 2022-22:12
it was so eye catching with great wrist presence to the extent that I went over and complimented him on the amazing watch. It beautifully wraps around the wrist, just like in your photo. That gentleman turned out to be a collector and told me how this Hub... 

ah very interesting !! Is certainly very high catching!

 By: christianch : September 24th, 2022-23:07
my understanding is that, due the very bold color, is not the most popular in the Hublot lineup but, thinking about it, pretty much all their models are fairly bold 😁 I resisted it for a while but then I knew that I had to get it as there is really nothin...