Hublot Spirit of Big Bang 42mm Titanium Ceramic quick review and deployant clasp question for Hublot owners!

Feb 12, 2022,23:33 PM

After many years of enjoying wonderful watches I finally bought my first Hublot so I am officially an Hublotista 😁
Some background information: I always admired the innovation at Hublot and especially Jean-Claude Biver (which I had the pleasure to meet at Basel World 2017 thanks to the PuristsPro anniversary Zenith watch pickup) as a true marketing genius.

I did like their Berluti model and some others in the classic fusion line but I couldn't bring myself to buy these watches due to the very basic and not in-house movement.  Few months ago I was hunting a Hublot Spirit Big Bang magic gold 42 mm for my brothers birthday. I found the watch and I did like it a lot: the shape is very different than anything I already have and the movement HUB 4700 is the famous Zenith "El Primero" with the skeletonised Hublot treatment.

As both Hublot and Zenith are part of LVMH this is pretty much "in-house". Additionally, the El-Primero is a very reliable and historic movement.  My trusted AD had another Spirit of Big Bang 42mm Titanium with Ceramic Bezel available so I went for it:

WOW, the watch is stunning, understated 😅 and flies under the radar 😇 OK..not exactly discreet but is really different and very nice. Wears bigger than a 42mm but is probably due to the tonneau shape

I love the skeletonized date too 

In all 10/10 the only gripe I have is with the deployant clasp that is extremely uncomfortable and leave marks on my wrist (I don't wear it too tight). I tried pretty much everything like making it even looser but apparently the way the deployant buckle is made can cause these marks. The boutique will try to organise the buckle of the quick change system to see if is any better. I would appreciate the input of other owners (of Hublot in general since i think the deployant clasp is shared across many models).  Please comment with your experience 🥺

I am confident that I will find a solution for the clasp and enjoy the watch fully!

Thanks for reading!

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Thanks for sharing, Christian, a nicely-written and knowledgeable review that was a pleasure to read -- and heartfelt congrats on your new incoming! ;-)

 By: FabR : February 12th, 2022-23:41
PS: I killed your earlier thread which was empty, so the review can stay here. Enjoy.

thank you FabR👏

 By: christianch : February 12th, 2022-23:57
also for killing the other thread which was opened by mistake


 By: FabR : February 13th, 2022-00:16

fun fact: my AD has both Hublot and Patek

 By: christianch : February 13th, 2022-00:00
here in Switzerland only women models in stock, truly nothing from Patek (Calatrava, Worldtimer, nichts!). I wasn't hunting for a specific patek model (imagine, you go in for a Patek and exit with a Hublot 😁 that would be something) but I found it interes... 

As I was saying in the other thread, it is unarguable that the demand for Patek is continuing to get higher and higher, and as a consequence, it's physiologically spreading throughout the entire catalog...

 By: FabR : February 13th, 2022-00:15
When even the annual calendars or the PM Calatravas sold out fast, then you know it IS getting competitive! ;-)) Seriously, I do hope you can find a Patek model you like as your next purchase, should you choose this direction --- especially at this same b... 

indeed is a very interesting situation, for calatrava luckily

 By: christianch : February 13th, 2022-07:40
I have a 5127 bought 10 years ago. There was plenty of inventory back then but also now if one is patient and has AD history can get almost anything. I wanted something very different and Hublot does have that

Nice review

 By: TeutonicCarFan : February 12th, 2022-23:44
I actually like the shape if this case and 39mm 3 hand with no diamonds would be good. I also like some of their editions and the one with the tattoo artist - just too big for my taste. It looks like they are changing that! Very cool didn't know El primer... 

thank you Kevin, indeed they wear pretty big ..also didn't know about the El-Primero

 By: christianch : February 12th, 2022-23:58
before looking more in detail. I knew about their Unico model but not that they had this great movement for the spirit of big bang.

Congrats and a wise choice

 By: sschew : February 13th, 2022-01:11
Contrary to what everyone on this board may say, I'm glad you bought the Hublot over a PP. That watch is killer- from one Hublotista to another

thank you!! glad to be an Hublotista too now! I wasn't looking for another PP

 By: christianch : February 13th, 2022-07:36
Love the watch, beside the deployant clasp issue which I will sort out. Will try a different strap or length, need to figure this out


 By: sschew : February 13th, 2022-01:23
0 issues with deployant. For me it's very comfortable

is your clasp with the quick set system or, like in this watch, no quick swap so the old style?

 By: christianch : February 13th, 2022-07:36
perhaps will post some pics of the clasp in a separate topic to gather more information

quick swap

 By: sschew : February 14th, 2022-00:31
But I bought as aftermarket from Hublot with custom leather straps from Stonecreek.

 By: sschew : February 17th, 2022-03:56
I bought SS straps and got the owner of the strap business to incorporate with the Hublot Ti clasps that I purchased after the fact. Works great


 By: Ambiorix : February 13th, 2022-08:20
On this beautiful watch. Something different. My tip: contact Hublot, there are different lengths of bracelet pieces, so the punchings begins elsewhere. But i can confirm the same phenomenon on my 2 BB, on my CF i don’t have this. Grtz,Dom

Thanks a lot! this is excellent advice 👏

 By: christianch : February 13th, 2022-09:06
at the moment with the regular strap I am on the seconds 2 holes (so there is quiet a bit of strap touching the wrist) so may be I need the small size and see how it goes Will check in the boutique and find a solution! in your experience with the big bang... 


 By: Ambiorix : February 13th, 2022-09:19
Christian, it also depends on daytime or outside temp. I am used to it ,so it doesn’t bother me. But your clasp is at bit different, you have 1“pin” and 1 “mushroom” so i think it has do something with it. I had a KP who shares the clasp with the Spirit, ... 

thank you Dom, appreciated your help

 By: christianch : February 13th, 2022-13:00
pardon my ignorance, what is KP ? BB is big bang I guess here is the clasp for reference perhaps the rubber only strap will do. At the moment I am trying to wear it on the right wrist and somehow it doesn't hurt ... ...  

King power

 By: Ambiorix : February 13th, 2022-16:20
So they changed the Spirit clasp, first were like the KP or Zenith Defy21. Grtz, Dom

About the buckle...

 By: fmc000 : February 13th, 2022-12:44
...I had the same problem with a different Hublot model years ago and the only solution I found was to stick a bandaid on the inside. Just my 2C. About the watch...'s extremely cool and you wear it well. Congrats!

thank you for watching the pics, also think is über cool

 By: christianch : February 13th, 2022-13:01
pity about the clasp but I will find a solution I am sure. I read somewhere about the bandaid solution and I am trying to avoid it 😁

Another solution I read of...

 By: fmc000 : February 13th, 2022-13:31
...required bending the clasp a little but I didn't go that far so I cannot comment on it. For sure it's a widespread problem, you're not alone and I'm sure you'll work out a solution.

thanks a lot, will definitely find a way, perhaps with shorter straps

 By: christianch : February 13th, 2022-14:39
I noticed (saying this also for the benefit of others that might have the same issue) that in the default regular strap the increments are not very precise so it is a bit about finding the sweet spot. This is definitely something they should improve in th...