Those are indeed...

Aug 26, 2010,01:14 AM

some outstanding photographs of a great watch. Thank you for sharing!

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Pictorial essay - Grand Seiko High Beat 36000

 By: Ogygia : August 25th, 2010-21:27
Standard shot on my hand...easy to get a right angle to catch better light. Sample! but detail The movement is not finished with very high quality craftsmanship, but it is outstanding with its price! The balance was beating on 36000vph(10Hz) on my hand. I...  

Great watch...

 By: aboen : August 25th, 2010-23:13
and photos. Big GS fan over here Best Drew

Stunning photos

 By: centrax : August 26th, 2010-00:19
You are really making the most out of the 105mm!

Those are indeed...

 By: Adamska : August 26th, 2010-01:14
some outstanding photographs of a great watch. Thank you for sharing!

Crazy pics, Ogygia!

 By: amanico : August 26th, 2010-01:17
Wow, I never saw the GS like this. Thanks a lot! Best, Nicolas

quality is everywhere

 By: aldossari_faisal : August 26th, 2010-05:58
Mate you just didnt prove the quality of high beat watch only, but proved the quality of your shots as well, nice watch QUALITY shots with the full meaning of the word. Thanks for sharing . Faisal

Great pictures!

 By: dxboon : August 26th, 2010-07:37
I want to add a high beat watch to my collection one day, and Grand Seiko makes a compelling version! Thanks for sharing! Cheers, Daos

Fantastic shots - and a great watch. Thanks for posting

 By: 219 : August 26th, 2010-07:53
enjoyed looking at the photos. Andrew H

Oh no, another Grand Seiko I can't live without?

 By: cazalea : August 26th, 2010-10:05
Thank you for the wonderful pictures of this beautiful watch. I hadn't seen it rendered so nicely before. Cazalea

Beautiful shots

 By: Ginger : August 26th, 2010-10:10
This is the first time I have seen the watch presented in a way that really made its appearance (as opposed to its mechanism and history) appealing to me. As a collector of the vintage Seiko 36000bph models, I too am awaiting the 50th anniversary model an... 

love it

 By: gcTIME : August 26th, 2010-10:50
great shots. i've just ordered the 50th anniversary model and will receive it next week! will try to take some shots and share here! i haven't had a GS for quite a while and i start to miss them.

Stunningly nice ...

 By: Kong : August 26th, 2010-11:02
both the pictures and GS! Thanks for sharing. Do you use flash or continuous light? Kong

I used 2 flashes on these pic

 By: Ogygia : August 26th, 2010-19:14
I own 3 flashes(1 SB800 and 2 SB900), but it is too heavy to carry all of them. If i use 3 or more flash, the pic will much more better. Btw... Thanks all!

Thanks Ogygia!

 By: Kong : August 28th, 2010-21:08
I carry a haversack (but only 1 flash), they are really heavy. Kong

amazing Pictures

 By: Tony A.H : August 26th, 2010-14:49
of a great Seiko. thanks for sharing Tony

Should be 5Hz!

 By: Ogygia : August 26th, 2010-20:08
Thanks for your correction. 36000Vph should refer to 1 vibration which happens 2 times in 1 cycle of a harmonic motion of the balance(second hand jumps 2 times). Frequency in Hz should represents the cycle of this harmonic motion within 1 sec. Therefore, ... 

In Italy the Grand Seiko are not currently imported

 By: heartbreaker : August 27th, 2010-10:34
And I've never seen one live, but - thanks to this and other forums - I knew their quality. Your photos, however, are amazing: they show clearly that this watch is pretty well done! Thank you for sharing!