Thanks for sharing. Amazing place indeed.

Sep 05, 2022,02:31 AM

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Watch alley in Ye Ji Dong, Seoul, Korea....

 By: josunese1975 : September 5th, 2022-02:26
If any of you ever make your way to Seoul, South Korea, then this might be a place of interest to visit. It's known as the watch alley in Ye Ji Dong. Unfortunately this 48 minute video is all in Korean (too bad it's not English) but you can just watch (no... 

Thanks for sharing! I just showed it to my girlfriend and she was indeed aware of it (apparently, after getting into watches, she started frequenting a big Korean watch forum *without* mentioning she's my girlfriend....but that's another story! ;-)))

 By: FabR : September 5th, 2022-02:58
She's telling me (while I type) that she knows how good these Ye Ji Dong watchmakers are from the Korean site, even though she's never been this watchmakers' street is apparently very well known! Cheers.

You're welcome.

 By: josunese1975 : September 5th, 2022-03:31
There's something about these small generational mom and pop stores that feel more personable than the large box stores where you're just a customer or account number. I love watching these types of documentary stories.