quick clarification

Nov 25, 2007,01:35 AM

Hi, Tim, all,

I will be making a more detailed clarification about the changes that are taking place, who and what PuristSPro is, and what my plans are for ThePuristS.  But this will have to wait (or Anthony will beat me to it smile )

In a nutshell,

I fully intend to maintain ThePuristS as a completely independent and non-commercial (ie, no profit or sustainability priority) entity. 

I'll keep doing it as long as my health, interest, and money allow. Obviously, on the last part, it will last much longer with support from the community. But as has been the case in the past, this is PURELY VOLUNTARY; in fact, so voluntary that most community members don't even know that a Patron's Program exists.

For details on how to contribute to ThePuristS' Patrons Program, click here

In the past, I've looked at whatever money's were left at the end of the year (it never lasts that long, so the point is moot) and then figure out something "interesting" to do with it - charity, emergency assistance to needy, covering a nice gathering for Patrons, etc.  THIS IS ENTIRELY at my discretion, and I don't want to be inundated with charity requests, etc.

Anyone not comfortable with this, please do not become a Patron. Those of you who have contributed as Patrons, I thank you, and most of you know already some of the good uses I've put the funds to - disaster relief TO SPECIFIC individuals and families, etc.

As I understand it, Anthony Tsai, PuristSPro General Manager, has decided to accept similar contributions to the PuristSPro effort, since at this point, we are BLEEDING cash flow and red ink and we don't want the neo-nate to be still born. (I am speaking more in principle terms than bottom line realities; we are well capitalized and can fund out of pocket until mankind is but a memory to the next "top species..."  and the silicium wheels have ground themselves raw)

BUT... any reasonable person will understand that we deliver something of value - otherwise, why the hell are you here? - and it is only fair to expect us to expect to receive a fair return on our efforts and investment.

Afterall, there are only a very few people stupid enough to undertake something like ThePuristS.


Upon the request of some community members, Anthony and I have discussed this, and he is comfortable with accepting contributions from the general community, and if and when a premium membership program is rolled out for PuristSPro, the earlier contribution will be pro rated towards premium membership fees.

So for those interested in contributing to PuristSPro, please contact

(remove spaces)

AnthonyT @ PuristSPro.com m

ThePuristS - WatchRap, the general subject forums like WFED, Photography, etc, and the Audemars Piguet forum. (why AP? for personal sentimental reasons - it was the first brand forum; ANY forum, for that matter, that launched ThePuristS' community.  It is also the forum and brand most closely, personally identified with me, worldwide, and still moderated by me personally.)

PuristSPro - all brand forums (except AP) and general subject forums, as appropriate (there is already HoMe and TimeOut, for example)

Whew, that was a big nutshell!

Hope that clarified more than it confused.

And Tim, thanks again for even thinking of this. It is only because of kind and thoughtful community members such as yourself that I have kept up the struggle for survival of what I believe to be a worthy cause. I have done nothing else since 2003, such has been the phenomenal global growth of the community and attendant burden on myself. Of course, with the able assistance of the great moderator team (all of whom were able to keep their "full time real world jobs.")


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It's Holiday Season and time to give to good>>>

 By: timerider : November 24th, 2007-17:30
causes like the PuristS. Now that the PuristS site has changed a bit, is it still possible to contribute a donation to the PuristSPro like the old days? I put this here as there may be others who would like to do the same. Please advise. Best, Tim

quick clarification

 By: ThomasM : November 25th, 2007-01:35
Hi, Tim, all, I will be making a more detailed clarification about the changes that are taking place, who and what PuristSPro is, and what my plans are for ThePuristS. But this will have to wait (or Anthony will beat me to it ) In a nutshell, I fully inte...