Penny Benjamin appears to be wearing an original Explorer.

May 31, 2022,23:13 PM

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 By: VintageAlex (aka AlexKontiki) : May 31st, 2022-15:11
I think I can\'t refused the Eterna\'s passion so here you have the "by eterna" 25th years PorscheDesign LE chronograph. Simplicity and beyond... 😬 not that ugly. ...  

How old is this one?

 By: VinnieD : May 31st, 2022-15:14
Be careful, you are entering the danger zone

🤣🤣🤣 just Made in 1999

 By: VintageAlex (aka AlexKontiki) : May 31st, 2022-15:37

With Tom Cruise supposedly wearing his from the original Top Gun in the sequel -

 By: mjcruiser : May 31st, 2022-19:03
Think we will see renewed interest in this watch ( mine is a LeJour) ...  

We’ll see

 By: VintageAlex (aka AlexKontiki) : May 31st, 2022-23:22
It’s an interesting watch. I didn’t know about Tom cruise wearing this watch.

Merci mon Ami!

 By: VintageAlex (aka AlexKontiki) : June 1st, 2022-11:14