Problem posting a watch in collectors market

Aug 19, 2022,14:17 PM

Hi , 

I wondered if someone can help me , I have not used my account for quite a few years. I thought that I would try and post a very interesting watch in the collectors market but I am having great difficulties , I have tried twice now and both times have been told that a verification email has been sent to me but nothing has arrived. I have obviously checked all of my spam filters etc and junk mail files but it seems that nothing comes through. I wondered if I was missing something or if I am maybe not able to use this process. I last used it in 2013 when I was selling a Voutilainen and quite enjoyed using it . 
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated .
Thank you in advance 

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 By: malcolm : August 21st, 2022-13:21
Hi IWC, thank you for your response , yes I am sure it is which is why it seems such a mystery

 By: malcolm : August 22nd, 2022-10:55
Thank you , I understand this however I have not received any email , I wonder if there is anyway of checking if it has been sent ?