My private info shows up on Private Messages.

Mar 04, 2023,01:09 AM

When I send a private message, it is pulling the signature line from my gmail account. I have it set up to show my full name and my cell number.

Shouldn't that info NOT be included in a PM?

I was kind of shocked (no big deal) to get a call from a member after he sent and I replied to a PM.

Any way to fix that?


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When you send a PM through the WPS website, only what you type should appear

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : March 4th, 2023-13:38
But when you reply to the email notification of a PM, whatever is in the message body appears. You must edit out any text you don't want the recepient to see.

So if I reply from my email I must edit...

 By: mdg : March 4th, 2023-16:46
...but if I reply from inside the WPS ecosystem it is 'clean.' So now I know to only reply from this site...thanks : )

You're welcome...👍

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : March 5th, 2023-14:58