A Short Documentary film about F. P. Journe ”Invenit et Fecit”

Mar 03, 2019,09:15 AM

Did You ever watch”Invenit et Fecit”, the Short Documentary about F. P. Journe?

If not, I just want to bring it to your attention. The film is from 2014, but since we didnt have the forum, it wasnt posted back then.

It gives some historical insights about Francois Paul Journe the man -  and also the F.P. Journe brand. It tells some key points about his way of working and his principles. It also features some interesting people like Stefan Barbier-Muller, Giulio Papi and Aurel Bacs who share some of their stories and insights with F.P. Journe.

It is a nice little portrait and I quite enjoyed watching it. If you are new to the brand, it gives a nice introduction. If you have good knowledge of FPJ, I think there is still some points or at least some nice anecdotes for you to enjoy.

I could not find very much information regarding the background of the film. It is made by a Chinese production company. The Director is Xiaosong Xiong and the screenplay is credited to S. Chen.

Happy viewing!


FP Journe

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