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Very nice watch Florence.

 By: grigo : January 2nd, 2012-23:08
Thank god that some women share men's passion for watches. I see a small attraction to the color pink though. Best regards, George

U R welcome Grigo!

 By: Florence : January 3rd, 2012-11:29
Thanks George for your nice comment. I'll do my best to share that kind of pix in the future. Yes, pink is a quite different point of vue ;-) All the best, Florence

Thanks Florence for the pictures.

 By: foversta : January 4th, 2012-13:37
Even if they are not high-res, they show the beauty of this very fine watch. Obviously movement is the same than with the Excenter Bi-Retrograde: GP base + Agenhor module. Fx...  

My pleasure! [nt]

 By: Florence : January 6th, 2012-15:34
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Looking at 2005 Harry Winston Excenter Bi-Retrograde

 By: williebegoode : February 13th, 2017-10:01
Hi I'm trying to nail down all of the elements in a Harry Winston Excenter Bi-Retrograde, and I'm assuming that the key elements are: 1. 3306 Girard-Perregaux base 2. An Agenhor module for the retrograde movement powered by the 3306 Is that correct? Is th...