Congrats 👍

Oct 03, 2021,07:32 AM

Thats a nice model😀

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A really fun weekend watch.

 By: M4 : October 2nd, 2021-17:52
39mm diameter. Great fit. Very cool strap and thin case. Outstanding lume. My first GO and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for looking. M4 ...  

Love it. Congratulations!

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : October 2nd, 2021-17:54

Love that watch 👍🏻

 By: MiguelFlash : October 2nd, 2021-18:07

Instant classic! Congrats

 By: vallura : October 2nd, 2021-18:20

Fantastic piece

 By: Cookies : October 2nd, 2021-18:24
Very well built and a 3 very thoughtful choices of bracelet, nato or bracelet.

I really like this watch in that exact configuration. Congrats!

 By: BigAppleBill : October 2nd, 2021-19:10
At times I’ve been very tempted to add it to my collection.

Congrats 👍

 By: Tony.A. : October 3rd, 2021-07:32
Thats a nice model😀


 By: fherradon : October 3rd, 2021-11:23
I have it in mi sights. I love that reed green dial. have you seen that you can get it with a rubber strap matching the green? love that combo as well. enjoy it!! Best, Fernando

Thanks for the comments, all.

 By: M4 : October 3rd, 2021-13:07
Enjoy your Sunday. M4

5-0! Go Green...

 By: MichaelC : October 4th, 2021-18:03

a great overall package!

 By: DouglasM : October 12th, 2021-23:01