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Oct 23, 2019,15:05 PM

nice PC from Glashütte?

42mm, automatic, matte black dial. Printed white Roman Numeral hour markers and minute track. Polished steel hands.

Interesting: the seconds hand can be reset to zero by a separate button, what is said to significantly reduce stressing of movement parts.

The price tag for a new unworn watch seems very reasonable.

Is the movement not made in high standard?
Or is it just the usual demand and supply oddity that leads some brands to undreamed heights and others fall short?

Has someone any daily wearing experiences with this watch?

Many thanks in advance,


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My absolute favourite PC bar none, albeit in the original Pano style.

 By: Boron : October 23rd, 2019-16:15
As for prices – it follows the norm of every other watch out there, bar the few we all know are trading well in excess of their MRSP. If you can’t live with this hobby costing you money to enjoy in its partaking, then you need to find a different hobby or... 

I’ve owned an earlier variant of a GO PC.

 By: Bounce781 : October 24th, 2019-02:35
It’s the most legible PC on the market imho Fantastic pieces. I love them m ...  


 By: MTR : October 24th, 2019-08:45
Very nice shape. Reminds me of my Moser Henry Double Hairspring. Cheers Thomas ...  

I love the Henry model!

 By: Bounce781 : October 24th, 2019-12:18
Haven’t seen one for A while !

Thank you, Bounce 785 😊

 By: MTR : October 24th, 2019-14:18

Thanks Boron.

 By: Bounce781 : October 24th, 2019-12:19

Fully agree.

 By: MTR : October 24th, 2019-08:49
But I for sure won’t quit this hobby, just refuse a too shameless grabbing in my purse. 😎 Cheers Thomas

Well, that’s the great thing about this hobby...

 By: Boron : October 24th, 2019-09:07
you can ignore all the shameless (man)purse grabbing, and vote with your wallet by buying from those that aren’t so shameless.

Very well said! [nt]

 By: MTR : October 24th, 2019-11:03

Yes, can understand you.

 By: MTR : October 24th, 2019-08:46
It starts to grow on me... Best Thomas

😉 [nt]

 By: MTR : October 24th, 2019-08:50

I am afraid not just in US, dear Boxcar.

 By: MTR : October 24th, 2019-08:50
No message body

Leap Year indicator.

 By: Boron : October 24th, 2019-03:34
Red for when it’s a LY, white for when it’s not, iirc.

Thank you, Nico! [nt]

 By: MTR : October 24th, 2019-08:51


 By: Weems@8 : October 23rd, 2019-22:40
I do not want it. So no jealousy from my site. A german watch with a black dial. I love Swiss watches with silver dials.

What is wrong with a German watch

 By: MTR : October 24th, 2019-08:53
with a black dial? 🤔 Cheers Thomas

This version has been replaced by a new version

 By: jack johnson : October 24th, 2019-00:31
The new version uses a much more advanced Caliber 36 (certified chronomeyer, silicon hairspring, better finishing) and is called Excellence. I would opt for the new version vs this one.

You mean this one?

 By: MTR : October 24th, 2019-08:57
I am not sure if I like the dial of the old one more? The „inner values“ seem to be more interesting. I have to see both in flesh. Thanks a lot, Thomas ...  

I have the Sport Evo version of this watch and have been wearing it almost every day since I bought it spring 2018.

 By: Katzky1 : October 24th, 2019-12:04
I was planning on buying a PC from one of the better known makers but I found this watch at such a good price that I gave it a try. I am 99% satisfied with the watch. My only complaint is that it consistently runs about +7 s/day which isn't awful consider... 


 By: Mostel : October 31st, 2019-13:02

Interesting comment...

 By: MTR : October 31st, 2019-14:47
😎 Cheers Thomas 😊