Vintage 1970 chronograph for the weekend

Nov 16, 2019,03:56 AM

Been a while didn’t wear it

Matched with navy blue bund strap


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What a piece ! [nt]

 By: Horology75 : November 16th, 2019-05:02

Full of character!

 By: mrds : November 16th, 2019-05:30
And a great combo with the Bund. Have a great weekend! Daniel

GP Vintage 1970

 By: panerai123 : November 16th, 2019-07:02
A perfect example of Girard Perregaux know how at an accesible price and top design, enjoy always in good health. Rafael

 By: Mikesr  : November 16th, 2019-08:03
Geez what a beautiful watch. Best.


 By: sschew : November 16th, 2019-22:56
That is a beautiful GP watch. Enjoy that cool timepiece!