Some things I like about the Laureato

Jul 29, 2022,09:12 AM

Are my eyes playing tricks on me? 

1) The sapphire domed crystal reminds me of a monument in Istanbul
2) They are usually very thin watches which allow them to be hidden under cuffs so easily
3) The steel used, may not be 316 steel. It looks more like the Rolex steel.
4) The bracelet tapers sensuously

More things I like about it:

5) Some mentioned that it pre-dates the Nautilus 
6) They have some pretty beautiful pieces such as the Arabic versions, the Evo3, and the quartz 40th anniverary pieces, all so gorgeous
7) They come in really nice boxes 
8) They have spiked in value very recently. I don’t know why, but I didn’t buy a Laureato to flip it.
9) People keep asking me to sell it. I like it when I can say No. 
10) The brand has a relatively low annual production. 1 source mentions 15,000 - 20,000 watches per year 

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Well said

 By: Cookies : July 29th, 2022-13:14
Here Master Nico, my 2 Millenium Steiff bears say hello. The edition is Goodbye 1999, Hello 2000. These are small bears, which came with a big purple box. Teddy bears are my other hobby. I guess I am more Mr Teddy Bear, than Mr Diver. But in teddy bears, ...  

Too cute!

 By: amanico : July 29th, 2022-13:14

What are those shoes?

 By: Credor : July 29th, 2022-13:30

No idea buddy

 By: Cookies : July 29th, 2022-13:40
I went to the shoe shop (Footlocker) and saw it. They told me it is an AF1 special edition and I’d look younger if I buy it. So I bought it and wore it today. Came with green laces too, in a black box. It was 1 day after I didn’t purchase the LV edition. ...