Girard Perregaux Dot Dial 9034, Gold Plated Case

Mar 04, 2018,08:28 AM

Hi everyone,

First off, what a terrific wealth of information on the site.  I wanted to get some feedback on a Girard Perregaux Dot Dial that I recently purchased.  I have been looking for a couple of years now and finally found one to purchase.  I have studied the different variations, but have not seen this variation.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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Warm welcome here AJ

 By: Alkiro1 : March 4th, 2018-08:51
Iā€™m sure one of our Girard Perregaux Gang member will answer to your question soon šŸ˜‰ Best wishes Alkiro

Warm welcome to WatchProSite, you have come to the best

 By: crown comfort : March 4th, 2018-10:25
GP forum on the web, or better best watch forum. Nice catch of a Dot dial and indeed it is Reference 9034. We did cover the various versions here in the forum, but I have not come across a gold-plated dot dial like yours before, so you may have found some... 

Dot Dial

 By: arajohn1 : March 4th, 2018-10:46
Thanks for the response, the two letter code following the number is "GK" Before posting, I did read through all of the Dot Dial posts, and I didn't find this exact variation. 9034 GK ...  

Thanks for the additional info.

 By: crown comfort : March 4th, 2018-13:24
The one I showed which is also gold-plated is also a 9034 GK but with a different dial. It's very hard to find definitive information. If you're happy with it, I suggest just enjoy it and I'm fairly sure within time a second one like yours will pop up and... 

Thanks for the reply

 By: arajohn1 : March 4th, 2018-16:26
CC, thanks for the info


 By: blomman Mr Blue : March 6th, 2018-05:36
Here at WatchProSite our GP forum is full of information regarding both vintage and modern Girard-Perregaux watches. Another post covering your watch you find here: Currently, travelling, but when I return home I can check the... 


 By: arajohn1 : March 6th, 2018-08:08
Blomman, thanks very much for your time

gp dot watch

 By: dmarvicsin : January 14th, 2019-20:30
I bought mine in 1970 after seeing an ad in Playboy. I still wear it. It is not gold plated, I paid $90 for it at a local jeweler. I had the spring shortened a tiny bit as the end broke off and springs were unavailable.

great story

 By: arajohn1 : February 6th, 2019-16:15
That is terrific. I believe I have seen the ad you were referring to. Post a picture if you are able.